Anyone got any experience of living in Midlothian?

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DomesticGoddessInTraining Fri 19-Feb-10 21:44:26

DH and I have tentatively started thinking about moving later in the year. We're currently in Edinburgh but considering all options - including moving out of town a little to get a bit more for our money!

We don't really know any of the Midlothian area on the outkirts of Edinburgh though so wondering if anyone knows where's nice (and where's to be avoided!) with decent primary schools.

ChristianaTheSeventh Fri 19-Feb-10 22:03:21

Message withdrawn

lampwick Sat 20-Feb-10 00:07:51

All areas are good , new schools have been built, countryside and good communities on your doorstep. depends how much money you have to spend, if you're going for a private estate then they're all good but if you can only afford ex council avoid Mayfield and Woodburn in Dalkeith. public transprt isn't great apart from penicuik but the traffic is getting heavy there. you will defnitely get value for money and quality of life, I grew up in midlothian, moved away for a few years and came back to give my children the same freedom i had growing up,which is walking to school, playing out in the street and in woods ad fields and being part of a close community, such as the gala days. you are only about half an drive from the city centre too, but beware council tax is higher out here!

DomesticGoddessInTraining Sat 20-Feb-10 07:37:46

Thanks lampwick for the encouraging response. We're really looking for somewhere to settle and the house ds will 'grow up in' so your description sounds good!

What about Bonnyrigg, gorebridge, other areas in Dalkeith etc? Not worked out our exact budget yet but likely to be £200k +.

Do you know of any catholic primaries that have a good reputation?

Thanks also for the Council tax tip - very useful!

DomesticGoddessInTraining Sun 21-Feb-10 21:28:40

Wee bump in case any Midlothian folk around this evening...

monkeycat Mon 22-Feb-10 14:15:37

We're in Dalkeith -the Eskbank side- moved out here from Edinburgh a few years ago , for the same reasons as yourself .

Buses from Dalkeith into town are pretty regular and at some point in the (fairly distant) future the rail line will be up and running again.

We have an old house but there are loads of lovely new developments all around Midlothian. From what I've seen Bonnyrigg seems pretty nice too. I don't know much about the Penicuik side of Midlothian .

As Lampwick says , a lot of the schools have been rebuilt and they are desperately trying to build new schools for all the people in the new housing estates . The catholic school in Dalkeith is St David's and seems to be as good as any other .

I do still pine for Edinburgh delis and coffee shops a bit but we have settled in really well , people have been really friendly and we have a good sized house and garden rather than a 3rd floor flat ,so it balances out really .

BariatricObama Mon 22-Feb-10 14:23:55

nah stay in edinburgh

lampwick Mon 22-Feb-10 16:40:50

Hi glad you found the post useful.

200k will buy you a lot more for your money in Gorebridge, Newtongrange Bonnyrigg etc than in peniucik, at the moment 4 bed detached easy. The catchement for Newtongrange and Gorebridge is Newbattle High School which has very poor staying on past S4 and exam reults, I'm in Gorebridge and wont be sending my kids there but Lasswade High in Bonnyrigg is getting rebuilt which will be great. This site tells you how all the schools are and latest reports

For catholic schools you are looking at small intakes and they do very well although chances are you children will be in a composite class. The school near us is ST Andrews which is a new build and is poplular and doing well, the only catholic high school in Midlothian is St David's in Dalkeith which shares a campus with Dalkeith High School and again its a new building with great facilities

You can't really go wrong for the money you have got, so concentrate on a house in a cul de sac of off road area where kids can play out and explore.

Make a trip out to Vogrie Country park or Dalkeith Country Park when the weather improves and that will give you a chance to look at Bonnyrigg, Dalkeith, Gorebridge and Pathhead as they are all just a stones throw away.

DomesticGoddessInTraining Mon 22-Feb-10 21:15:28

Disollusioned midlothian resident or diehard Edinburgh resident BariatricObama ? grin

Thanks lampwick and monkeycat We did take a bit of a drive around Bonnyrigg/Gorebridge/Dalkeith on Sunday and a few of the established modern estates seemed nice. I've also registered with a few of the housebuilders to get details of new developments.

Monkeycat it's good to hear that the benefits have balanced out some of the negatives of moving out of Edinburgh. We actually live pretty far out of town anyway so we're a bit used to being a bit far away from favourite delis and cafes etc already!

Thanks for all the school info - very useful.

vicky123456789 Thu 19-May-16 22:28:46

hi domestic goddes! we have lived in pathhead village for 12 years now and loved every single minute! a lovely area and lovely people.
Also a pure snazzy bakers that will sort you out on that c/down ;)

elasticated17 Fri 08-Jul-16 09:45:38

I'm from Loanhead - its a nice place with a strong community but I recommend Beeslack High as a secondary over Lasswade.

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