All I want is to give a load of stuff to charity and I can't - help!

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MadameDuBain Wed 11-Nov-09 15:11:51

I've tried and tried to get a charity to come an collect a large amount of donations before we move house. Loads of household stuff, clothes, electrical, toys - the kind of stuff they all say they want. They often advertise that they will collect. But I can't get them to answer the phone, or when I do they say they can't come and get it after all. I've had one say they will come and then let me down twice (and I had to wait in all morning for nothing). Now moving date is getting nearer and we will have to just get a skip if no one will take it.

I can't do it myself as there's loads, I'm pregnant, DP is horrendously busy at work and never free when the shops are open.

Does anyone at all know of anyone - charity or not - who would want the stuff and would collect it?

Can't ebay or freecycle as we just don't have time, it's all in one big pile and has to go in the next week. But I just can't believe it's not wanted by anyone especially at the moment. I actually burst into tears on the last phone call, I have so much to do and I'm so fed up of trying to sort this

meep Wed 11-Nov-09 15:47:03

what a nightmare for you.

The blue bin collection accepts clothes/shoes/sheets/bags etc in a salvation army bag.

anything bulky can be uplifted by the council by arrangement: "Edinburgh City residents from Edinburgh City Council can dispose of up to six bulky domestic items free of charge. For over six items there is a £25 + VAT charge.
Tel: 0131 529 3030"

List here of charities that uplift?

If not can your dh stick it in teh boot of your car so you can take it to the recycling bins at the supermarket or one of the recycling centres?


Moving house is horribly stressful, especially when pregnant - I have been there so you have my sympathy.

MadameDuBain Wed 11-Nov-09 15:52:58

Thanks so much meep. I've tried your link and phoned Bethany who now say they will come on Monday - phew. (Phoned them before, on a diff. number I think, and they said not! - but now they will ) But will come back to your post if that falls through too!

(It's mostly bric-a-brac so can't get council uplift.)

meep Wed 11-Nov-09 16:15:19

fingers crossed!

let me know how you get on - I need to get rid of some stuff too!

valster Thu 12-Nov-09 19:31:35

Another option for DP in car is the big recycling centres ( or the tip as we used to call them). They have a shed where you can put things for re-use. "Look at"

MadameDuBain Fri 13-Nov-09 09:16:41

Oh brilliant valster thanks. We'll do that if it's a no-show on Monday.

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