Where can I get ski mitts to fit 4yo ds's small hands?

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mawbroon Sun 08-Nov-09 22:31:08

I've yet to try Tiso and Trespass, but has anyone seen such wee ski mitts anywhere?

We tried on a pair in Millets (or was it Blacks? can't remember) and they were enormous despite being age 3-4!

We're not going skiing! It's just that one snowball, or picking up a wet stick, and woollen mitts are soaked through and ds complains about wet/cold hands.

I am reluctant to buy them online because I have no idea if they will fit or not.

mawbroon Mon 09-Nov-09 23:22:45

Ha! Found some - very close to home!!

My neighbour was clearing out, and found a pair which are too small now for her ds2!

Saves me a trip to the shops. smile

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