laser Quest at Portobello - anyone used it ?

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wrongsideof40 Tue 15-Sep-09 23:39:29

looking to take a few boys for a party - anyone used this one - how does it compare to the Dalry Rd one ? (dalry would be quite a bit more expensive , so I'm wondering if it' sworth it ?)


TheCrackFox Wed 16-Sep-09 14:10:37

Is it the one on Portobello Road? DS1 went to a party there and loved it.

Never been to the Dalry one so can't make a comparison for you.

wrongsideof40 Wed 16-Sep-09 21:02:00

Thanks for that - portobello is further away for us than Dalry but at least you can park and go for a walk on the prom - so will probably go for it

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