Hotels with Baby Listening (not sitting) in Edinburgh or Lothians

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fraggletits Tue 18-Aug-09 16:10:06

Hi there - me and my family are coming up to Edinburgh & the Lothians in October for a lovely break.

I am specifically looking for reasonable hotels where the reception or concierge do a baby listening service (don't want baby sitting as that's quite pricey!) so that when the kids are asleep we can sit and have a nice meal/drink!

Any help really appreciated - thanks

rookiemater Tue 18-Aug-09 21:58:38

Hi there. Peebles Hydro used to do baby listening, and they also offer family rooms so you have one room and an annexe with bunk beds. They offer a childrens high tea at 5 -6. Peebles is a lovely town about 40 minutes outside Edinburgh.

Alternatively the perennial favourite is Crieff Hydro in Perthshire, if you google it you will see all the options.

If you want to be in Edinburgh, you might be better off staying in an hotelapartment, one called is meant to be nice and advertise for a babysitter on or see if the apartment can recommend any, as you might find that the cost of babysitting + appartment is still cheaper than a hotel, plus you have the reassurance of knowing that someone is there with your DC and the choice of restaurants in Edinburgh.

fraggletits Wed 19-Aug-09 09:14:35

Thanks a lot Rookie I'll have a look into those smile

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