Mini Kickers Spaces!

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bookswapper Sun 16-Aug-09 21:35:02

This summer I have met mums looking for spaces on the Mini Kickers football course run by Edinburgh Leisure. The courses are v popular and I was having the same trouble finding a space.

However, Craiglockhart Tennis Centre have lots of spaces for a Friday morning class at 9.10 am. Gracemount do too.


rookiemater Sun 16-Aug-09 21:38:33

DS went to Mini kickers at Ratho last term, seemed to enjoy it, we can't go this term though as he is starting pre school.

bookswapper Fri 21-Aug-09 22:08:48

turned up today, class cancelled...but no-one told me sad

now Gracemount full too

HaggisNeepsnTatties Fri 21-Aug-09 22:14:05

Has anyone heard of Rugbytots??

bookswapper Sat 22-Aug-09 22:52:27

Yes I looked at that...its very expensive. £70+ a term, some of this is a £20 non-refundable joining fee - you get a kit I think, for this sum.

The classes for the youngest seem to be very similar in content to the ball control stuff advocated by mini kickers - but I only got this impression from the information on the website, I could easily be wrong.

Mini kickers is £36 and my DS seems to be enjoying it.

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