Can anyone help me with a midwife's name?

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Ruby2Tuesday Tue 04-Aug-09 17:11:48


First post on here - look forward to chatting more with some of you soon.

Hoping someone can help - I had a homebirth in Edinburgh earlier this year (or at least I planned a homebirth - I ended up getting a transfer to the ERI after 12 hours of labour at home, but that's a whole other story!).

I'd like to contact one of the midwives who attended the birth to say thankyou for all her help, but I really can't remember her name - she turned up quite late in the game and I wasn't terribly on top of things mentally.

All I can remember is that she was quite young, had only been qualified about six months, had longish dark hair, and I think she is normally based at Gracemount Medical Centre.

Does that ring a bell with anyone?!

Howdie Thu 12-Nov-09 00:06:14

Hi R2T

The best way to find out who the midwife was is to get a copy of your maternity notes. You can do this by contacting the switchboard of the ERI and asking for Medical Records. Ask them for a form to apply for a copy of your maternity notes. You do pay for this service but it's actually really interesting to have a copy of your notes anyway.

Alternatively, you could contact the community midwifery office of the team you were booked under. Gracemount comes under Craigmillar team - 0131 672 9457. Just let them know when your homebirth was and they should be able to tell you which midwives fitting that description worked with the team at the time (it is possible though that your midwife was drafted in from another team so getting the notes is the best option)



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