where to buy a car seat for a 15 month old?

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Silke123 Tue 07-Jul-09 15:15:15

Hi everyone,

a another "still quite new to Edinburgh" - question: DD who is 15 month old finaly really needs a new and bigger car seat. Any recommandations where to go and buy it? Or any recommandations regarding type or brands???? Many thanks, silke123

mawbroon Wed 08-Jul-09 13:52:15

I got all my car seats at Mothercare at Hermiston Gait.

They can take the seat out and make sure it fits in your car, because not all car seats fit all cars.


meep Wed 08-Jul-09 14:36:20

I bought my first one from John Lewis and my second one form Boots online (lots of bonus points!). I would have bought from Mothercare but they were out of stock.

Both of mine are Isofix so relatively simple to fix to the car yourself.

The one I have is this one but you have to check that your car is copmpatible.

bitofadramaqueen Wed 22-Jul-09 20:47:49

Don't know if you've already bought one, but I bought our car seats online after having a good look at them in John Lewis, mothercare etc.

We got the first one fitted by halfords (at Straiton) for free, because we bought it from them, but I'm pretty sure that you could pay to get a seat fitted as long as it was new. Our second one was bought at kiddicare.com but I just fitted it myself as it was really straight forward.

Its worth having a look in the products topics or reviews to get some feedback on some of the more popular car seats.

sewCreative Tue 28-Jul-09 01:10:51

The Toys'R'Us at Fort Kinnaird might be worth a try too. They do kiddie seats and are mostly happy to check the fit for you too. I did that and then bought it at kiddiecare.com as was on offer and easy to fit once i knew it would.wink

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