Does anyone know a shoemaker who repairs soles of hiking boots?????????

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Silke123 Tue 07-Jul-09 15:10:08

Hi everyone,

does anyone know a shoemaker here in Edinburgh who knows how to repair the soles of muntaineering / hiking boots?? Haven´t been able to find one so far and hope some of you might be able to help......thanks!!!! silke123

HoracetheHedgehog Thu 09-Jul-09 11:41:05

Hi - you could maybe try TISO down in Leith? They do repairs but I'm not sure if it's only brands they stock that they repair.... but you could phone and ask them 0131 554 0804.


katiemum Thu 09-Jul-09 11:49:00

Another vote for TISO - DH's boots good as new again.

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