Recommendations for baby haircut?

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bitofadramaqueen Mon 22-Jun-09 14:03:48

Hi, can anyone recommend anywhere that is particularly good for baby/toddler haircuts? My nearly 1 yr old DS is in desperate need of his first trim. My mother suggested getting the pudding bowl out but I'm not keen... grin

liath Mon 22-Jun-09 17:58:01

Gordon Wilson or Crew barber (both on Salisbury Place) are reasonable & both charge £5 for a small child's haircut. There's somewhere in Morningside I think that's specifically for children but I'm not sure if it's any better than a standard hairdresser.

bitofadramaqueen Mon 22-Jun-09 22:33:51

Thanks I'll look into those.

Anyone else got anywhere they'd recommend?

SpawnChorus Mon 22-Jun-09 22:45:22

liath - are you thinking of Kidstop? We've taken our DCs their. They have "novelty" chairs and CBeebies on screens in front of the child. It's about £10 for a haircut (maybe £12??). DD's haircut was fine. DS's haircult was unbelievably a mullet but worse.

SpawnChorus Mon 22-Jun-09 22:45:50

oops there not their

liath Mon 22-Jun-09 23:13:53

Worse than mullet for a tenner shock?? Glad I've never bothered to make the trip to kidstop then. Crew does have a wee kids seat with a steering wheel to play with. The barber is a chap of very few words, though & might not put every child entirely at ease....

muffle Mon 22-Jun-09 23:30:32

James Wood barber on Drummond Street (round the corner from Blackwell's) is very friendly and cheap - there are loads of hairdressers there so you don't know who you'll get, but we had one who was lovely to DS. They also have toys to play with. We now use a local one just because it's nearer but would recommend that one.

AnneinEdinburgh Wed 24-Jun-09 12:29:54

The barber opposite the Kings Theatre at Tollcross does a good job on my DS for 7 pounds

bitofadramaqueen Wed 24-Jun-09 22:23:57

Thanks everyone. All suggestions much appreciated.

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