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moonymama Tue 02-Jun-09 23:17:58

hi all,

I'm looking for a nursery for my one year old daughter in the SW side of Edinburgh. I had a look at the Cranley nursery at Craiglockhart today. Its the first one I've looked at so I'm not sure how it compares with any others. I felt the babes were a bit quiet and the staff seemed a bit quiet as well. I always thought nursery staff would be a bit more enthusiastic and motivating. Maybe they were having an off day? Where's the Blue Peter team when you need them! I was planning on having a look at the Forbes nursery in Bruntsfield. anyone have any other recommendations? I'm finding it annoying that I only want to put her in for maybe 2 to 3 sessions a week but so many places look for a minimum of 2 days. Is there any flexibility in this?? please help....I don't want to put my babe in the wrong place! thanks thanks thanks

mawbroon Wed 03-Jun-09 14:30:57

Have you thought about a childminder. winksmile

SheherazadetheGoat Wed 03-Jun-09 14:36:02

check out headstart in morningside.

rookiemater Thu 04-Jun-09 16:44:05

Hi my friends children go to Cranley at Craiglockhart and she speaks very highly of it.

Echo what mawbroon says, CMs can be more flexible and I happen to know some excellent ones in the area that might have vacancies wink

I would say though one of the reasons that the nurseries have a restriction of 2 days minimum is so that the child can settle and become accustomed to their carer and surroundings, so its something to consider.

bumble75 Thu 04-Jun-09 20:46:11

My dd has been at Cranley at Craiglockhart since she was 9 months - I love, love, love it (more importantly so does she smile)

She's been in the baby room, the 1-2 room and is now in the 2-3 room - I really like all the staff. Think you defintely need to get a good vibe from a nursery - I had a list of things I was rating all the nurseries I visited on and ended up picking the one I got the best vibe from...

My friend's ds does 2 half days at Bright Horizons in Brunstfield so that be one to have a look at?

Good luck!

moonymama Fri 05-Jun-09 18:12:36

thanks for the ideas. I had heard good things about Cranley too, I think it might have been the heat. I definitely haven't written it off, its great to hear you love it. I went to see Florence House nursery on Bruntsfield Place yesterday and I really liked that one. all the babes were active and they have a huge garden. They don't have a minimum number of sessions which is brilliant. I'm not working so I just want her to get some independence (and I can have some time out!) I'm checking out forbes nursery on Monday and I'll have a look at Bright Horizons as well.

I hadn't thought about a childminder before, definitely lots to think about.

thanks again.

HLaurens Sat 06-Jun-09 22:05:18

My DDs are with a childminder, but have loads of friends in the area with children at some of the nurseries you've mentioned. I've heard very good things about Forbes Road. OTOH, I've got a couple of friends with children at Florence House who have said it has recently gone downhill with lots of staff turnover.

mawbroon Sun 07-Jun-09 19:36:51

moony, I do ad hoc childminding, so if you were just looking for the odd session now and again rather than a regular session then I would possibly be able to help out.

CAT me if you want some more info.

wrongsideof40 Wed 10-Jun-09 23:36:38

Hi coming bit late to this thread but if you are doing the rounds of the nurseries then I was very pleased with Childsplay on falcon Rd (next to St. peters) - it was a coulpe of years ago now but i think many of the same staff are still there - Katy, Olivia, Lucia - were great and it has a lovely garden. Also heard good reports of the Montesorri .

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