New pregnancy and childbirth support group in Portobello

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Howdie Thu 11-Sep-08 21:16:50

Hello again everyone. Just wanted to let you know about a new support group in Portobello

*Choices for Childbirth* ( a new support group in Portobello for pregnant women and their partners and those recently having had a baby.

We are also happy to welcome along any parents of older babies who feel they may have a valid experience to share with other members of the group relating to the particular topic being discussed. Also welcome are any interested health professionals such as GPs, midwives, student midwives, health visitors or anyone working with pregnant women and their families.

We aim to provide a forum for women and their partners to come and find out information to enable them to make informed decisions about their maternity care and the care of their babies.

Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every month. 7.00pm to 9.00pm in the church hall of St John's Church, Brighton Place, Portobello.

The group is run by two independent midwives, a student midwife and a mum.

We will discuss a different topic each month with plenty of time afterwards for you to ask your own questions.

Topics of discussion will include:

Place of Birth
Induction of Labour
Pain Coping Strategies for Labour

If you have any suggestions for future meetings or need more information, please contact Carrie McIntosh:

07890 842514

or Jenny Patterson

07748 523064

If you are unable to attend a particular meeting but have a question relating to that topic, then please feel free to email Carrie or Jenny and we can either answer your question directly or put it to our guest speaker.and email their response to you.

Please note that Carrie and Jenny are unable to answer any questions in direct relation to your clinical care. As we are not your midwife, we do not have full access to all your medical and obstetric history. We are able to answer questions of a more general nature though.

*Schedule of Meetings for 2008*

Wednesday 24th September 2008 - WATERBIRTH

Come along and find out more information about the research/benefits and possible downsides of labouring and giving birth in water. We will have a Regular sized Birth Pool in a Box blown up to demonstrate. Feel free to come along, jump in and try the pool for size and ask any questions about the use of water during labour and birth.

Wednesday 29th October 2008 - BREASTFEEDING

Special guest speaker - Karla Napier, Infant Feeding Advisor from the Simpson Centre for Reproductive Health. Karla will be speaking about the most up to date research in breastfeeding and about Suzanne Colson's work in Biologiical Nurturing.

Wednesday 26th November 2008 - *THE ROLE OF THE CONSULTANT MIDWIFE*
Another guest speaker - Justine Craig, Consultant midwife from the Simpson Centre for Reproductive Health will be coming along to speak about what the role of Consultant Midwife actually means for pregnant women in Lothian and how she can assist women in achieving the type of birth they want to achieve, particularly in unusual circumstances.

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