What is the best place to watch the fireworks from next weekend?

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beansmum Fri 22-Aug-08 16:48:31

I know there's a family viewing area at inverleith park but it's not that easy to get to for us, especially with a tired boy at that time of night. I have to get the no 44 bus so anywhere on that route would be perfect. Any ideas?

MadameOvary Sat 23-Aug-08 00:10:10

Princes St? I think the 44 still goes along there smile

kerryk Sat 23-Aug-08 13:41:01

we went down princess street two years ago and it was a nightmare, because of all the trees blocking the view to the castle everyone was pushing together in the gaps and it was a nightmare trying to move through them, loads of very rude people out that night!!!!

what about carlton hill? we have not been up there yet but friends said it was a great view.

we went to inverleith last year after our disaster at princess street the year before, it was a trek but we stuck dd2 in the baby backpack which saved us having to hunt for her in the dark.

beansmum Sat 23-Aug-08 16:45:25

I really don't want to do princes st, I've watched from there pre ds and it was always loads of rude drunk people and a rubbish view. We might try Carlton hill then, ds is 4 and I just don't think he would make it down to inverleith park and back at that time of night, it's a bit far for little legs.

redrobin Sat 23-Aug-08 17:11:15

Calton Hill could be quite scarey as well i think to be honest...even more drunk people, loads of pushing AND its pitch black as well. Plus there are lots of buildingworks there at the moment, which means that there is even less space. Great view tho! maybe the bridges might be less packed than princes street and you could see quite well? hmmmmmm will think.

kerryk Sat 23-Aug-08 18:08:26

top of the pentlands would be fantastic as well. dont fancy doing that in the dark though hmm

MadameOvary Sat 23-Aug-08 18:17:30

Ah, I watched from Queen Street that time, but it was just me!

redrobin Sat 23-Aug-08 19:48:05

its on the tv! so on the sofa with a bottle of wine?! (not much fun for 4 year old though!)

gingerwench Mon 25-Aug-08 17:29:56

what about blackford hill? we were there last year and it had quite a good family atmosphere (plus groups of loud giggly teenagers)
take a torch for the walk back and a radio to hear the music

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