Does anyone want free Rhyme Time tickets for the Book festival ?

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rookiemater Wed 30-Jul-08 21:17:52

I ordered 3 tickets for Saturday 9th August at 5pm and 2 for Monday 24th(?) August.

However I went along with DS age 2.3 to our local rhyme time on Friday and it was mostly babies under 9mths, so we are not going to use them.

It is great fun and the tickets were free so I'm happy to post them if you want to let me know which ones you want and cat me with your address.

bookswapper Sun 03-Aug-08 21:45:06

could I have both sets set for me and babes and one set for my sister and her two babies?

i know its a lot to ask but this is the second year we have missed out on tickets for rhyme time at the book festival....

we would be v v v grateful

rookiemater Mon 04-Aug-08 15:28:01

No problem at all. Great that someone wants them and even better you want both so I can send them off to one address.

I have just taken DS to a one off session of Jo Jingles and I think its fair to say that my son appears not to be that interested in poetry or music, so we certainly shan't be using them.

I have your address on CAT so I will post them as soon as I can find a stamp.

bookswapper Tue 05-Aug-08 14:50:22

can I send you a stamp back?

my elder son detested jo the end (it was a jj fringe show last year) he made an embarrassing streak for the exit leaving me to say goodbye to jo alone...ran out of craiglockhart church hall and started playing with the gravel...cue pitying looks from the competitive mums and laughter from the others!!!

rookiemater Tue 05-Aug-08 20:27:05

Oh don't worry about the stamp, just glad you can use the tickets.

Glad DS isn't the only one not to enjoy JJ. He wasn't crying or anything, just looked a bit non plussed about the whole thing. I found it tedious in the extreme so was glad to leave early.

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