Good hairdresser for highlights etc please, and waxing?

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christiana Sun 20-Jul-08 08:35:50

Message withdrawn

aGalChangedHerName Sun 20-Jul-08 08:43:45

I don't live in Edinburgh anymore but when i did i went to Cheynes. I am sure everyone will say they are rubbish now lol

Bump this now and again,there are lots of MNetter's in your neck of the woods.

I am getting mine done out here next week,was going to get the dd's done but they want £15 for each of them. Is that normal do you think? They are only 2 and 4 FFS shock

meep Sun 20-Jul-08 09:33:14

I went to Pure Spa down at Ocean Terminal to get my eyebrows and lip waxed - very good - not just a wax then you're off - actually gave me advice on how to get my brows into better shape (was a rather over enthusiastic plucker so they were a bit of a mess) - it was hot wax.

I go to Charlie Miller's for my highlights - hideously expensive but it's difficult to change once you've found someone good.

I've heard good things about Cheynes - also Urban Angel on Causewayside.

£15 each for a 2 and 4 yo shock - no idea what the going rate is but that sounds expensive!

aGalChangedHerName Sun 20-Jul-08 09:36:19

It's a salon called Hush,not sure if there is one in Edinburgh. I don't want their hair cut and blow dried,i just want their fringes trimmed and the ends tidied up for a fiver lol

christiana Sun 20-Jul-08 15:18:50

Message withdrawn

rookiemater Sun 20-Jul-08 15:45:13

I go to Raymonds at the bottom of the Colinton Road and Sylvia cuts and colours my hair. I think she is very good and they are a good £20 - £30 cheaper for highlights than the town centre.

Pre child I went to Jenners, but couldn't justify the time or the cost now.

Agal, that seems very dear for children. Most of the hairdressers in Morningside charge around £9, or you can get it done for £5 in the turkish barbers down from Waitrose if you don't mind it being scalped and your small child being fed a large hard sweet that is very likely to choke them. Or get your DH to go to Kidstop, it was pay for one adult cut and get a kids one free, and a blokes cut was £15.00, not so good with two though unles you fancy letting them loose on you as well grin

For waxing my CM is a beautician from her home in the evening and I get my legs and bikini line done there . I don't really want to put her details on the forum, but if you want them I can CAT them to you.

elmoandella Mon 21-Jul-08 20:43:41

i go to one called fusion in bathgate. someone tells me they have another salon out your way. they're a great hairdressers, can be pricey. they're really good price for waxing.

my half leg, eyebrows and underarm the other day was £21

christiana Tue 22-Jul-08 12:10:23

Message withdrawn

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