Has anyone used Venture Photography ?

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rookiemater Mon 23-Jun-08 13:32:01

I filled in a competition at the Gyle and have "won" a free session there. Now I know this is a big sucker exercise to get folks there and then punt them more photos, but we could do with a family photo so I'm thinking maybe we should do it.

Has anyone used them and what do they think ?

AndyP2008 Sat 16-Aug-08 22:02:25

Oh - thank goodness for Mumsnet.

I was almost taken in by the sales patter by Venture Photography at a festival this weekend. They told me it would only cost me £10 - for £145 worth of studio session and photos. I only hesitated because my dh would have wanted me to have all the details so i asked them could they let me have a leaflet so that I could discuss it with him. They then told me they hadn't got any leaflets with them (warning bells started to sound), then they didn't seem able to tell me what photos I would be able to get and how much they would cost ... and finally they couldn't tell me where my nearest studio was!!! And they didn't mention any time limit on the voucher or that the WHOLE family had to go!! I started to get very suspicious - came home and checked it out on the Web - including Mumsnet. Also checked a couple of local photographers - just as good & very up to date & creative, MUCH less expensive - and they were quite happy to give me all their details and some time to think about it. My advice to others? - check your local photographers before you buy

rookiemater Sun 17-Aug-08 20:40:45

Thanks, I asked them how much the photos cost and was shocked by this, so we certainly won't be using them.

AtheneNoctua Mon 18-Aug-08 14:37:18

You could very easily walk out of Venture a few thousand pounds poorer. We went there and were very restrained and I think spent about £700 - for 5 framed photos. (one frame contaed three photos)

elmoandella Mon 18-Aug-08 14:55:38

we bought someone a gift voucher with one free picture. they spend over a thousand getting one further picture. the cheapest one was £500 they said.

total rip off

rookiemater Mon 18-Aug-08 15:02:20

Last year I got some great photos of DS done using the £4.99 offer at Boots. Additional sets of photos were £30.00 for the first set and then £10.00 for each set after that.

I think thats where we will be going again, as I just can't justify spending over a grand on photographs.

kerryk Sat 23-Aug-08 13:45:20

we spent £1100 on 7 photos (8"x10") blush

i have to say the photos are fantastic, it was so much money but we will have them forever. i have used loads of diffrent studios and i dont think anywhere comes near to being as good as venture but we want to update them and cant afford to spend that again.

i have heard that sports photography (?? think thats right) are much cheaper than venture but are still really good natural pics.

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