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theonomasticon Tue 11-Jul-17 10:14:42

Hi, advice needed please! We (DH and I, almost 1 yo DD and 2 cats) currently live in Falkirk but want to move to Edinburgh. We lived near Haymarket before moving out here and it was great as a young couple, but not so much with a toddler and pets. So I'm really looking for area recommendations. We've thought about Colinton (in-laws are there), Corstorphine/East Craigs and Currie/Balerno. I'm tempted by Liberton, but have heard both good and bad things especially about the high school. Any thoughts? Thanks!

waterhouse Wed 12-Jul-17 16:52:07

Following this for any advice as we are also making the move there!

RoganJosh Wed 12-Jul-17 20:37:38

We moved here recently. Children are primary age.

We started with good performing state secondary schools and worked from there. We found two we probably wouldn't be able to afford the house we wanted and also be near stuff. Another we found primaries were all very full. We also looked at which primary schools had decent outdoor space and then it was a narrowed down a bit further.

Those were our personal priorities, I guess you need to work yours out? We were looking at Costorphine and Blackhall/Davidsons Mains in the end. Also we didn't know the areas at all so approached it a bit oddly!

Do you need to be near any part in particular for work etc?

mintbiscuit Mon 17-Jul-17 21:55:07

My priority when I moved to Edinburgh was to be in catchment for good high schools as DS1 was 10 at the time. I really liked South Edinburgh and was impressed by Boroughmuir and James Gillespies high schools. We ended up in Marchmont and have recently moved to Newington area. DS1 is at James Gillespies High School and I'm v happy with the school and love the area. Lovely mix of people, great area and v close to city centre for my work.

Dumdedumdum Tue 18-Jul-17 00:29:10

All the areas you mention would be good for families, can you get through to spend some time in each one?

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