Help! Another George Watson vs George Heriot, for P1 this year

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FromCaliToEdi Wed 31-May-17 15:56:02

Hello, fellow mums,

I know there are other threads on the topic, but I was hoping you could help me make a decision quickly following a change of situation.
Has any of you had children in both GWC and GH? Or can share experience about either school?

My dilemma: we just bought a house within walking distance of George Watson, but our daughter is supposed to start school at George Heriot in P1 this August. (Good problem)
--> Should I loose our deposit for GH and try to get a spot at GWC if one becomes available?

Our situation:
- We recently moved to Edinburgh from California. Didn't have much time to properly research schools before having to choose one.
- Daughter is athletic and intellectual, and sensitive. She was a bit nervous before the assessments, and I loved the way the teachers at GH took the time to make her feel better. At GWC, they just cut the session short and it felt like they were getting rid of her.
- I plan on going back to work full-time, so school drop-off/ pickups is more important than it was for us a few months ago

All in all, it sounds like both schools are great. I'm just trying to figure out if I should make a big fuss and push for GWC this late in the year, just for the closeness to our home and for the better facilities. Or stay at GH when they demonstrated such care and patience for my DD...

Help! What is your experience?
Also, do you have any comparison between both schools at the Senior level?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Daisydimple Wed 31-May-17 16:32:36

I think you might struggle to get a place in P1 at GWC starting this August. It's probably worth calling them to check the situation before you worry about which school to go for.
If your gut feeling was that GH was the better school for your child you should stick with that.
Good luck with the move!

FromCaliToEdi Wed 31-May-17 16:35:02

Thank you, Daisydimple.

I called GWC and they sometimes have places that come up in May/June. Not often, true.

Your comment about gut feel is great. I never trust my instinct...

Edinburgh4 Wed 31-May-17 22:11:07

My daughter will start at GH in August too. One of her nursery friends just got an offer from GWC last week. There were 3 children on the waiting list, and 2 places came up recently. The girl was offered a place straight after the assessment.

We really loved GH at the visit. Like you said, the teacher was loving and patient. GH is doing slightly better than GWC academically at senior level.

stenna Wed 31-May-17 22:30:51

I'm normally a gut instinct recommender too but...'we just bought a house within walking distance of George Watson' would be the thing for me.

And for my input - I don't live within walking distance of either but recently looked round both and preferred Watson's.

stenna Wed 31-May-17 22:42:42

Oh, and as for senior schools... looking through the old posts on here there seems to be the general view that Heriots is slightly more academic but as Watson's takes in a broader intake including those with dyslexia, the results are pretty equal.

Also, the sports grounds at Heriots being off site is an issue for some.

As they are 3-18 schools I would have a look around the senior schools too and see what you are signing up for - 13 years is a long time - and talk to the children who are showing you round. I was put off one school - not GH or GWC - by an honest remark from one of the children!

FromCaliToEdi Fri 02-Jun-17 16:59:39

Thank you for your responses, mamas.

@stenna, when we did the rounds, I loved Watson's too. The campus was very open and full of space.

It is so daunting to think you are committing for many years. I never thought of it this way until now.

We will stick with Heriot: the fact that they knew how to handle my flustered little girl shows that they bring something beyond academics.

Thank you all very much for your thoughts and experience!

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