Nuseries, Child Minders etc. in and around Bruntsfield?

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bearandfoxblog Mon 22-May-17 10:02:43

Thanks everyone for your generous advice regarding schools. Next, we need to tackle nurseries, so I thought I'd start a new thread for that. We are moving to Bruntsfield in July, and are looking for a nursery space - or alternative arrangements, e.g. childminder - for my younger son (who turns 3 in November) from September/October onwards. We are moving for my husband's work, so it's a bit of a chicken and egg situation for me i.e. I don't know what days/hours I will need and from when for the nursery, until I find a job, but I can't apply for jobs unless I have the nursery sorted! So, for now, I am assuming I need a full-time place.

I have already contacted the following nurseries in Bruntsfield: Cornerhouse, Bright Horizons, Little Voices and Forbes to request a viewing. I would be grateful for any feedback on these nurseries if you know them, including any to avoid, and also if you know of any other nurseries (those were the ones that came up when I did a search) or any recommended childminders in the area in case we need to go down that route.Thank you!!

Starfish347 Mon 22-May-17 11:58:20

Not Bruntsfield, but located at the top of end Marchmont - Kidzcare (Norwood House) on corner of Dick Place and Kilgraston Road.

We've seen 2 kids through there over that last 7 years! They each started at 9 mths and went all the way until they started school (my youngest finishes ther enext month). It's a lovely nursery, with lovely staff and gets excellent ratings. We've been very happy with them and woudl recommend them in a heartbeat.

I know thats not strictly Bruntsfield, but when I went looking for a nursery all those years ago, all the ones nearest to me were full, or couldn't do the days I wanted, so I had to look a bit further afield.

catdil Tue 23-May-17 19:07:46

My two went to little voices - I liked the garden and the three separate floors!

badguider Wed 24-May-17 07:59:22

We used little voices from baby room to age 2 when we moved further out the other side of morningside. I really liked it.
I also visited corner house (liked) bright horizons (no garden). I have friends at Forbes and they like it.
If you have problems getting a space there's another lovely big nursery near corner house but it's hard to find online. Let me see if I can find a link for you. This was our second choice.

badguider Wed 24-May-17 08:02:48

No, as usual I can't find their website but they are
Melvile House Nursery
41 Polwarth Terrace, Merchiston, Edinburgh EH11 1NL
It's a lovely place - might have space if the others don't due to how difficult their website is to find (if I remember they do have one but it's in the name of their company not the individual nursery).

FudgeOrTablet Fri 16-Jun-17 11:43:03

My son has been at Forbes Greenhill for several years now and it's been absolutely fantastic for him.

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