Anyone moving to Edinburgh and NOT going private?

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BrainLikeASeive Sat 06-Aug-16 20:53:56

DH and I will be going up to Edinburgh in a few weeks time to try and find a house to buy.
We're looking at Portobello. The high school isn't ranked so highly but has a new building with lots of promise. And I really like The Royal High Primary.
Is there anyone else moving / recently moved WITHOUT pots of cash to send their children to private school?
My twins turn 6 in February and the other one turns 4 in April.
I wonder if it'll be just me - a lonely English mum - all jealous of the mums wot lunch in Boroughmuir!!!!

krusovice Sat 06-Aug-16 22:54:57

Nope, also house hunting in portobello and definitely not private for us! Only mobing from within edinburgh so not so much into the area as I know it well. My only concern is brunstane primary school is the primary for most houses we like and can afford, and not heard great things about it at all. The high school and others in the area are fine though! To be honest even if I could afford it not sure I could live with the amount spent when it could be used in the here and now and future for my dc. I just wish I knew a bit more about the school I'm worried about! (Very few in edinburgh I'd hesitate over tbh).

badguider Sun 07-Aug-16 08:58:31

We don't want to go private as a first choice. We've moved south near the Pentland hills. Happy with our primary school and Firrhill secondary (know some young people who went there recently, now at uni).
Private for us would only be if state doesn't work out for any reason.

BananaChew Mon 08-Aug-16 08:10:36

I live in Portobello! Have no concerns about my kids in state school, Portobello High is a decent school.

Bellebelle Mon 08-Aug-16 13:12:09

Have a friend who taught at Portobello for a few years until she recently moved to another high school for promotion and she rated it very highly, said it was one of the best she'd worked at. Also had a family at the primary my DD's go to who moved up from England during the school year and ended up with their older children in different secondary schools due to the places available. One at Portobello and one at James Gillespies, they were happy with both but said that they thought Portobello was the better all round school.

Royal High primary was our catchment school up until recently, DD's didn't go there for practical reasons (we got non-catchment places near work/childminder) but it's a really lovely school.

krusovice Mon 08-Aug-16 18:19:44

Those in portobello do you know much about/anyone who has dc at brunstane?

FurryMouse Wed 17-Aug-16 15:15:38

Another Portobello-ite here. I've lived here for 15 years having moved up from southern England and never had any problems. My DC went to Towerbank and on to Porty High and did well at both. I especially rated the High School for DD2 who'd been a very shy child and a bit of a loner - she came out of her shell loads while she was there. They're in their 20s now, but I know people with children still at those two schools and everyone seems happy with them. Lots of excitement about the new High School building, about time too, the old one is literally crumbling.

I'm afraid I don't know anyone with DC at Brunstane. A friend of mine did a teacher treaining placement there and liked it, but that's all I know.

BrainLikeASieve, I don't think you'll stay a lonely English mum for long! Portobello is the friendliest place I've ever lived, you'll soon be one of the family. Who knows, you may even become one of the Mummies Who Breakfast down at the Beach Cafe after the Towerbank school run.

BrainLikeASeive Fri 19-Aug-16 21:27:47

Hi there. Thanks for the help. We viewed 9 properties yesterday and I'm sorry to say that Portobello didn't do it for me.
We fell in love with Balerno High!

irishe Sat 20-Aug-16 23:52:19

There are lots of good state schools in Edinburgh but I think you have chosen wisely. Hope it all works out!

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