New Town Primaries - Broughton, Stockbridge and Flora Stevenson

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Idldoo Mon 11-Jul-16 10:16:38

We are an Australian family looking to move to Edinburgh next academic year 2017. Most likely we will be living in central Edinburgh within catchment for either Broughton, Stockbridge or Flora Stevenson. Would love to know more about each school. We Have enjoyed some good school tours at each school recently. Any contributions, insights, praise or issues please let me know. We have family up in Highlands but no contacts at close range in Edinburgh to learn more about these schools. We have 3 DDs aged 4,2 and 1.
Thanks so much!
Great to have 3 good schools to be talking about. Just wanted some personal insights from Mums who would know much more!

I don't know Broughton very well, but know the other two.

First major difference, and I know it seems ages away, is high school - if you are looking at buying somewhere to stay long term then Stockbridge and Floras feeds to Broughton High whilst, confusingly, Broughton Primary feeds to Drummond High. We're good at that sort of weird shit in Edinburgh!

Floras is considerably bigger than Stockbridge, about twice the size. Both have space issues - both were extended last year but Stockbridge will basically be out of space (again) by the year after next and because of the size of the site there is little further room to expand and the building's listed. So that could get interesting! Floras is a tad better but not by much!

Stockbridge Nursery is lovely, heard good things about Floras too. Generally found Stockbridge school staff to be lovely and very helpful. I know a lot of parents at both, I think in general the Stockbridge lot seem happier but there's not much in it.

That said. Stockbridge has a very small catchment, Floras is considerably bigger and more diverse and also has more larger flats or houses (e.g. around the Orchard Brae area) and can be cheaper to buy in - not because of the schools specifically although I think there's a premium for Stockbridge over Broughton and a bit for Stockbridge over FS, but just because Stockbridge is a very popular area in general so very in demand as a rule.

Uconnect Sun 21-Aug-16 20:22:42

Just as statisticallychallenged said the whole case of schooling & catchment in central Edinburgh is weired, it also depends what you want out of school/nursery: I will put things in bullet to make it easy for you.
*You didn't mention St Mary's RC Primary Sch at East London St is a lovely place, it's kind of niche from the rest of the primary schools. St Mary's RC is well connected to the nearby church and the Traquair Centre. It also takes responsibility for children's confirmation (first holly communion). We are not Christians but we are glad to have used this primary sch. My child didn't take part in the confirmation but we were there to support all her friends.

*Flora Stevenson is good, usually parents opts for this esp if their kids are musical or will want their kids to take up instruments in primary sch. But if your child is musical they don't necessarily need to go there. St Mary's Music School at Gosvenor Cres. holds Saturday morning classes, the effort will be worth everything... if you don't mind the cost and chores that will come with waiting through their lessons and winter morning rise every Saturday: It's a love chore!
* Stockbridge primary - We didn't try this, I heard good things, small school: kids need space to run around, need space to run away from playground pressures! Feel free they are out of class... You get me?
*Broughton primary is big, plenty space, ok. A bit far out towards Leith. Their nursery is great... We used this, plenty space, they have both indoors and outdoor play areas.

Finally Edinburgh central is blessed with abundant private schools too They are worth looking at: go to the open days! Most of them have nursery /pri / secondary (St Mary's at Grosvenor Cres don't have nursery) EA has great sports facilities which is open to the local community.
Lay your plans for your children and take things from there, you can never go wrong if you ask the right people. Take care.

Idldoo Tue 04-Oct-16 01:13:56

After long absence, and a lost password, and the start of oldest DD's big school adventures, I have found way back in to the thread I started! Stat.challenged and Uconnect, many thanks for insights. I might PM you with specific questions, if ok? Am up doing the 'sitting in the chair' shift with disturbed little sleepers around me so will make use of my wakefulness while I wish them some sleep!

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