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loc Sun 05-Jun-16 16:15:22

Hi all, we are moving to Edinburgh in August, and have found a place we like in Balgreen. Just wondering what the inside info is on the area, particularly regarding primary schools. Kids will be P4 & P6. DS9 is more academically minded, DD is sporty and social. TIA!

KingLooieCatz Tue 07-Jun-16 13:06:43

I pass through Balgreen but don't know it well. There always seem to be posters up for community events, and we have gone over that way specifically to attend and a had a great time. Fabulous park, worth a bus ride for us. I don't know the school well but when I was ringing round to get a place for DS Balgreen Primary were so helpful and friendly it has stuck in my mind ever since. I walk past the primary and they have a sports pitch of some sort in the playground, I have a hazy recollection that this is because they have links with a football club which would be good for your sporty one. I think they get extra resources for children with problems at home, so a pro and a con in a way.

loc Thu 09-Jun-16 20:33:41

Lovely, thanks so much for your reply kinglooiecatz. The school were very helpful and very interested in the children which was a good sign. Look forward to exploring and finding the park, sounds good for the dog too. Exciting times!

GrooveeCar Sun 12-Jun-16 16:25:53

It's a nice area. The school is popular despite being capped at numerous points with intakes. There's a new head.

There's good transport links depending on which part. Sainsburys close by and Scotmid in Gorgie. Asda and Tesco slightly further away. Saughton Park is about to get regeneration but there is cricket and tennis at Roseburn and lots if football and Athletics at Saughton.

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