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jacquiheasley Mon 16-May-16 17:37:49

Hi There,
Has anyone used the David Lloyd facilities in Newhaven? We are thinking of taking out a membership and would like to hear peoples reviews before we progress.

How much do you pay for your membership? Interested to hear both single and family membership prices! Does it have good family facilities?

Thank you in advance!

Starfish347 Mon 23-May-16 14:18:11

We used to be members, primarily because it was very local and had a pool, so with 2 young children, it seemed perfect.

It is VERY expensive, and I don't think it warrants the price tag it charges. We used to pay £160 a month which when I look at it now, is totally and utterly ridiculous and we must have been stark raving mad to pay that. we'd convinced ourselves that we'd use it all the time, but you would need to be using the facilities 7 days a week to really get your moneys worth. A couple of trips to to the gym and 2 swims a week just isn't worth it.

We enrolled our eldest into their swim lessons but she hated it. We've since moved onto Swimeasy (lots of venues) and she's enjoying it a lot more. Everything at DL is starting to look tired, the changing rooms are ok, but the showers could do with an overhaul.

There is a soft play area for kids but it's fairly tiny and getting quite tatty. The food are is also uninspured and expensive and there never seemed to be enough staff to help clear the tables so it became quite littered and grubby.

There seems to be a very cliquey membership, people who must, what feels like, live and socialise there a lot. Might just be my impression, but for casual users like us, it felt quite impersonal given the price tag.

Since we've left my kids do activities at Edinburgh leisure and we've found them to be great so far, and reasonably priced. Yes, its a bit of a pain having to go to different venues, but the money saved outweighs the inconvenience. I've actually joined Pure Gym at Ocean Terminal for myself and that works for me. It's £15 a month and has a good range of classes.

I'm so glad we're shot of David Lloyd!

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