Children between 8 and 10 wanted for a Psychology study at the University of Edinburgh

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marevas16 Mon 18-Apr-16 16:42:35

Hello lovely parents, The University of Edinburgh Wee Science research team needs your help!

For this project we are looking for children between 8 and 10 to participate in one of our studies about memory, where your child will play a computer game while their eye-movements are being recorded with a non-invasive camera. We will do our best to make this an educational and fun activity for your child!
The study takes place at the Psychology Department at the University of Edinburgh (7 George Square, EH8 9JZ) and it lasts about 40 minutes. Your child will receive £5 for their hard work and they will earn a Scientist certificate! We can also reimburse your parking expenses.
If you think your child will enjoy playing a computer game in the name of science, please send us your availability at or register here .

Your help is greatly appreciated! Looking forward to meeting you!

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