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larret Wed 30-Mar-16 12:34:11

Hi everyone,

First of all. I'm not a mum. I'm a dad. Please, don't burn me smile .

I'll relocate (immigrate) myself and my family to Edinburgh in around 3 months. Naturally, I've started looking for some family-friendly location in Edinburgh between a city center and Gogar (where I'll work).

I'm looking for Edinburgh area which is considered generally as safe and friendly, relatively close to some outdoor playground (max 1-2 km). I'd like to rent a decent 3 bedrooms flat or house (mold free, I've been told mold is a problem in many old buildings of Edinburgh).

Unfortunately I cannot find any list or review of child playgrounds in Edinburgh. My boys are 3 years old. Swing, slide and climber are crucial.


catdil Wed 30-Mar-16 12:47:37

The meadows has a big park areas within walking are bruntsfield, Marchmont sciennes, grange and newington (eh9 / eh10). Good schools to for when time comes but prices of properties reflect this.
Similar option would be anywhere near inverleith - Stockbridge / Comley Bank

It's mice you want to be worrying about not mold :-)

catdil Wed 30-Mar-16 12:48:48

Too not to !

larret Wed 30-Mar-16 12:54:26

So, mold mice then. Wonderful. Or, should I say, smashing smile. Looks like my lazy cat will be in heaven.

Which Edinburgh area and playpark you personally like most, if I may ask?

KingLooieCatz Wed 30-Mar-16 13:14:48

You could explore on Google maps for parks and some playparks are on Tripadvisor, but the local knowledge does make a difference.

Saughton Park is a real humdinger of a play park (also rose gardens and what-nots) and is between Gogar and city centre . The immediate area is probably not aspirational but I have a couple of relatives in Chesser/Murrayfield, one with kids and they are happy enough, and close to that park, so think safe and family and friendly but possibly a bit down-market. Saughton Park is well worth a walk or bus ride.

Public transport is very good in Edinburgh, explore www.lothianbuses.com. That website also has good maps, so you can spot green spaces. If you are working in Gogar you might be able to use the tram to get to work. It's packed during peak time but if you buy a ridacard it works out to be good value for money. Getting back into the city from Gogar by car during rush hour can be horrendous, I work near there and have got rid of my car. The trip out in the morning never seems quite as bad though.

Harrison Park has a playground, much smaller than Saughton but a playground nonetheless, with a canal along one side, canal towpath extends for miles and is a very popular walking/cycling route, recently scrubbed up with millennium money and plenty of ducks and swans for kids to see. I wouldn't aim to live in Gorgie/Dalry which are both local to Harrison Park, but Shandon, Craiglockhart, (closer to your target area) and Polwarth, Merchiston (further from your target area) are also close and I would be happy to live in any of them. Bits of Morningside and Bruntsfield close to Harrison park and very desirable but getting away from the city centre/Gogar line.

North of your city centre/Gogar route there are some quite posh expensive bits, I'm not so familiar with that area, but have been to Ravelston Park and it was pretty good. My brother lived over that way for a while, so there must be more affordable streets, like I say, don't know it so well.

This book is well worth it:


Lists lots of stuff to do indoor and outdoor in Edinburgh, including quite a few but probably not all playgrounds. DS complained bitterly when I bought it as he is not under 5, but the content is still relevant.

The Meadows is a huge green space close to the city centre and has two play parks, one to the west of the Meadows which quite modest and one to the east of the Meadows which is another humdinger, get the bus and take a picnic job. Most of the housing roundabout there is tenement flats and its further from Gogar, but as a park it's worth a mention.

Edinburgh is fab, good luck with the move. If your kids are school age it's worth trying to find out which schools have spaces for them but you can refer to most of the preceding Edinburgh board for details on that! I check the Edinburgh board quite a bit and it's nice to see a change from the private school debates.

KingLooieCatz Wed 30-Mar-16 13:19:31

Should have made clear, and this might be key to enjoying your new life, it's the car journey from Gogar back into the city that is a horror. Tram is packed both ways. I know that wasn't your question but since we relocated back to Edinburgh is has been that journey that has caused me the most grief and I have tried every form of transport and tried every possible route before settling on the tram so I hope to save you the heartache.

GrooveeCar Wed 30-Mar-16 13:35:39

We live in Corstorphine, we have St Margaret's Park, which has a play park, large field, tennis and bowling greens. Gyle Park has the David Lloyd centre, play park and lots of space to run about. Sighthill Park has a reasonable sized park. There is Saughton Park at Balgreen. Buttercup Park at Drumbrae too.

larret Wed 30-Mar-16 13:51:27

You've been extremely helpful smile. I'll take a look into these areas immediately.

larret Wed 30-Mar-16 14:02:45

I've just found following website showing Edinburgh outdoor play areas. Perhaps someone finds it useful in future.


Fertility Tue 05-Apr-16 19:31:50

There are very good playparks within 2km of pretty much everywhere in Edinburgh, there is loads of green outdoor space and lots of play parks with good facilities. I agree that I'd be more concerned about making your commute more bearable.

scallywagsof3 Wed 06-Apr-16 20:36:44

I used to live in the Liberton area. Howden Hall Drive to be exact and I think it was great. There is a communal park in the middle of the housing estate where all the children't gardens back onto the grass and they play safely and happily. Houses are much cheaper than the city. There is also seven acre park which is very nearby and is under used. You would never know you are in a city when there.

beautifulbairnsdotcom Thu 07-Apr-16 20:47:59

Slightly off topic but there is a great organisation called Dads Rock that you might want to check out they do free playgroups for dads and children up to school age, perfect way to meet other dads once you move here! They can be found on Facebook, twitter and also have a website with class info etchttp://www.dadsrock.org.uk

With regards to parks you'll be hard pushed to find an area in Edinburgh that doesnt have a park within walking distance so Id be looking at location in terms of your work, nursery/school catchment etc as there are LOADS of parks and the bigger ones are great for a day trip such as Laughton park and the meadows park.

Hope the move goes well!

larret Thu 07-Apr-16 21:30:51

That's great! As it happens I play guitar (or 5 of them to be specific) while my older son has got his own beloved ukulele. I'll definitely check this out !

Chesnuts Wed 27-Apr-16 13:46:44

My advice would be to forget about the play parks for now and concentrate on finding a good place to rent. We have recently moved into rented with a three year old and struggled to find somewhere suitable for our needs (mainly i think because we wanted unfurnished). It was a hideous process as there is absolutely no correlation between price and quality. We saw some absolutely hideous places for £1800 a month!!

Chesnuts Wed 27-Apr-16 13:48:38

Ps I wouldn't bother wasting your money on the book KingLooleCatz recommended - I find Facebook more up-to-date and reliable!

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