Does anybody know what the Tranent area is like these days?

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Illie Wed 02-Mar-16 18:30:18

My wife and I are moving into my grandma's house (she is in a care home) in Elphinstone in the summer with our six year old dd. I know Tranent is obviously in East Lothian, but nobody ever post on the East Lothian board, so I thought somebody here would know.

I actually grew up in the Tranent area, when it was pretty horrible, but I've heard that since the new houses were built its become much nicer, and I was hoping someone would know what its like now?

SunnyScot89 Fri 18-Mar-16 12:36:45

Its not bad. The main street can still seem quite rough but its ok. The new houses have helped and there's a nice Italian at the traffic lights. There's going to be a lot more building going on in the area so thinkgs will hopefully continue to improve. Ross High is decent - not the best but definitely not the worst. Elphinstone itself is lovely.

ChocRocks Tue 22-Mar-16 14:50:28

I've lived in Tranent for almost 12 years, I live in one of the newer houses, near Windygoul school. Our kids go to Ross High, it's greatly improved in the last couple of years since the new head took over, its reputation has much improved! I think it's a nice wee town, very friendly people, yes there's the odd numpty but you get that anywhere :-) I worked in Elphinstone primary for a little while on placement and it is a lovely wee school, the head teacher Heather is lovely :-) Good luck :-)

Uconnect Fri 13-May-16 19:42:10

I hear there's now a new company based at Elphinstone called Charles River Laboratories that drains the soul out of it's employees. Bad work ethics, forced overtime work, you name it. A terrible thing for Tranent being an old mining village -

Hopefully people like you may help those that are trapped by this monster and pls don't end up in it!

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