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ivandooandustwo Mon 18-Jan-16 21:42:04


My family are going to be moving to Portobello area this summer 2016. We have a little boy going into P2. We also have a little girl who will be turning 2 in March. She currently goes to a private nursery for a couple of mornings a week, which she really enjoys and I use the time for work. I'd like to set up a similar arrangement once we move. Because she won't be 3, we'd be looking for a Partnership nursery, preferably one she could stay at till starting school.

Our daughter has no diagnosis, but she has a quite significant physical disability. She does not receive 1 to 1 support at present, and is cared for in the 0-2 room of her current nursery. She has a very small wheelchair that she can move on her own in indoors, but other things need help, and she needs some extra help and supervision while eating and drinking. She is starting to potty train, but since she always has a lot of time in plaster casts to correct problems with her hips, feet and leg bones, this also needs some assistance. We do not know if she will be able to walk eventually, but we hope so.

Our little girl very much enjoys being with other children and learns a lot from her peers, so I'm really keen that she is able to participate in a caring and fun nursery. Ideally somewhere with lots of crafts and messy play. Her language has also been delayed but it is on the way, and she's very communicative in other ways and very sociable.

Can anyone recommend a local nursery that would be caring and supportive for her?

Thanks if you can offer any experiences.

Lones80 Thu 21-Jan-16 07:49:15

There are loads of lovely nurseries in and around the Portobello area - mine went to Cherrytrees and friends' children have been to Highland Fling, Brighton and Seabeaches. All are lovely but I don't know how suitable they would be for your daughter's disability. Are you in Edinburgh at the moment? If so it would probably be worth having a tour and speaking t o the managers. Good luck.

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