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puppetgoose Tue 20-Oct-15 13:20:58

Hi, I am 35 and trying for my first child. My husband and I are not sharing this with family/friends and it gets quite lonely not having anyone to talk to about it. After having a very early miscarriage it's become a bit all consuming! My husband is great but I know he doesn't want to keep talking about it all. So if anyone fancies meeting up for a coffee/chat let me know! I am in the city center not too far from Princes Street

SoonToBed Thu 22-Oct-15 21:51:23

Have you tried acupuncture. There have been scientific research which proves that a course of acupuncture can increase your chances of conceiving. Worth checking you use someone fully accredited.

puppetgoose Fri 23-Oct-15 10:12:21

Coincidentally, yes I had my first acupuncture session on Wednesday! I was apprehensive as I've never had acupuncture but I will do anything to regulate my cycles/stress levels at this point, and the acupuncturist specializes in fertility. I definitely felt the needles but once they were in I really did relax. I haven't noticed a huge change, which I didn't expect to after one session, but I did feel tired/relaxed after I got home

Starfish347 Mon 26-Oct-15 13:16:53

Have you been referred to the Fertility Clinic at all? I was 35 when we started ttc, and down to my age, plus the fact that my cycles were hideous (coudl be a month apart, could be 6 months apart), my doc at the time referred me straight away. I still had to wait to be seen (approx 6 mths) but at least I didn't have to wait for a year for the doc to refer me.

I also tried accupunture, but to be honest, I was trying anything at that stage and whilst it was nice and relaxing, I don't think it actually helped me to conceive, and it was costing a flipping fortune.

Long story short, we were seen at the clinic and put on clomid which worked, but I sadly had a mmc. More clomid and nothing, then I went on injectibles - not full flung IVF, but ovary stimulation. 2nd time it worked, and along came dc1. About 2.8 years later, along came dc2. It was a long jpurney, 3.5 years from start to dc1, and dc2 came along when I was 40!

For me it was all about me not ovukating regulary. When ttc no 2, I used Agnus Castus which you can get in Holland & Barretts. It's sometimes referred to as natures clomid. Obvs read up about it first and do some research, but maybe worth a try. I think that did the trick for me, although I do think my body righted itself a bit after being pregnant with no1.

PM if you have any questions. It can be a lonely journey and the guys don't really get it (and its tough for them too). Fingers crossed its a short journey though smile

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