Getting a foot on property ladder in Edinburgh

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Freezingtoes Wed 12-Aug-15 11:58:51

I am looking to buy a flat in Edinburgh as a buy to let in the first instance but eventually for a place to live for my daughter should she go to uni there.

I know the market is very competitive but I am finding that I book viewings asking for as soon as possible and they are cancelled before I can get there as an offer has been made. I mean literally flats are selling within a day or two.

Does anyone have any tips or ideas on how I can be proactive in my search? I am on holiday just now so have been literally sitting on the websites waiting for flats to come up but can't do that when I am back at work.

I am looking for a three bed but would consider two, rental income is important but a good area is even more so. Any thoughts or advice from anyone who knows the market well or who has done something similar?

Thank you in advance.

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