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Datec Fri 17-Jul-15 00:44:29

Looking for advice.... We are thinking of moving and obv school choice is our main concern.. Have some experience of many of the schools out there but keen to hear from other parents in the city. Where do your kids go? Why is it great, what would you recommend? What would you recommend to another parent moving into your area? Out of catchment requests are pretty much dead these days and in moving want to get the best for our kids. We are looking for a community, and a school with good pastoral care. We are looking at primary and secondary.. We know the city schools fairly well but know there is so much more to know from individual family experience. Just want to put it out there and see where is thriving as an area..

catdil Sun 19-Jul-15 12:11:42

Gillespies currently
Being rebuilt -
Will be finished August 2016 and looks amazing. The kids generally seem nice (I live nearby) and it has a great rep as does its neighbour bouroughmuir although I personally would be worried by how small the new replacement being built down at the canal is - in particular lack of outdoor space. I think a few people are expecting catchments to be redrawn sooner rather than later in the south (ie firhill, tynecastle and aforementioned) St Thomas also great.

Datec Sun 19-Jul-15 23:48:44

Hi catdil, thank you.. I just wanted to hear from other people around the city and how their area worked for them .. Really appreciate that.. Agree gilespies has a great rep and I know a lot of lovely young people who go there or have done. Same for boroughmuir but it's not on our hit list, for the reasons you mentioned, ( football pitch on roof eek!) but also I know I lot of young people there struggling with others in their class with behavioural issues ( I don't mean additional needs) I mean general behaviour.. Gilespies might be out of our price range. Looking for how folk feel about an area. We currently very happy but open to options. Friendships more important to me than a school's academic standing if that makes sense..

aliame Tue 21-Jul-15 16:17:17

Gillespies state school, so out of price range by means of travel?
Which schools do you know? So much depends on actual area you might be looking at...

Datec Tue 21-Jul-15 22:07:41

Hi alimae, gilespies catchment by looking at current espc is out of our price range .. Unless we opted for a 2nd or 3rd floor flat. I posted as I was genuinely open to suggestions of areas that worked for other parents that I might not have thought of of had thought of but had initially been unsure of. I have lived here a while so have friends with kids at lots of schools but my friends can't be the measure of everything.. I want to hear how others get on.. Sorry if that is vague.. I just wanted to see over the city how folk felt about their area. I am in incomer to edinburgh, from London originally and have lived here a long time but not sure what area we should move to next. We want to move as we need more space, and pref a garden but school and a community is most important which is why I'm asking. X

teac Wed 05-Aug-15 22:06:18

Hi Datec

I am also currently in exact same position as you. Funnily enough also moved from London recently.

According to my research Currie Currie Community high School seems to be the one that is most affordable with pastoral and support care for children available should their be any issues.

Please let me know if you have also come accross some information of a similar sort.

I also know that St Thomas of Aquins is a good school but again depends if you can afford the area.


Datec Wed 05-Aug-15 22:33:25

Hi Teac,
Thanks for your message, have heard good things about the teachers at currie. St Thomas is meant to be amazing and I know a few young people who go or have been there and are lovely kids. We aren't rc, so not sure it's an option if you aren't RC baptized but I'm looking into it actually as it has a very wide catchment. It's such a hard thing isn't it.. We are still weighing up the merits of a flat and bring in town and moving further out to get a house.. Everyone I talk to waxes lyrical about gilespies but it's just so darn expensive to live in catchment. Was looking at south queensferry the other day, train at dalmeny means it super quick to get into town and in last few years they have had a new head who has made real changes. Still weighing things up smile x

teac Wed 05-Aug-15 22:52:19


Yes agree. I had a look at a flat today in Newington! A tincy wincy flat at Extortionate prices. Certainly not somewhere my two kids ages 6 and 10 would like to live or grow up in for that matter.

I am not RC either so prob would not get into St Thomas of Aquins. Currently living near Porobello. New head there too. Wondering if I should stick around here. There is also Holyrood. Just dont know of anyone whos been there who could give me feedback. Alternatively its moving/hiking all the way to Currie as I know relatives whos kids have been there and I have been told its a good school!


Datec Wed 05-Aug-15 23:58:43

The new porty design looks great, would love to live in porty, lots of my arty friends live there, but it has got pricey last few years, I know a few friends have found duddingston cheaper. lovely community, my husband isn't keen though, which is a shame. If I had a choice I would stick with portobello over holyrood, just for the new facilities. I had been looking at flats in newington and marchmont too, but youngest would be in a box room or we would be top floor..
Going to try the lottery this week for fun! Housing market just mystified me! Good luck in your search and keep me posted, we have decided tonight that renovating our place with new bathroom and kitchen before we make a decision is at least a way forward..

catdil Thu 06-Aug-15 21:37:39

Would buckstone be affordable? It streams to bouroughmuir

Datec Thu 06-Aug-15 23:21:43

Hi catsil, do you live in buckstone, it's an area I don't know well to be honest, have heard rumors that if they do make catchment changes buckstone may be one to change but it seems to have nice houses.. Be interested to hear what the community Is like out there..

catdil Sat 08-Aug-15 17:19:46

I don't but know lots of people who grew up there. If it did change would likely be to firhill which is ok as well

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