Catchment schools for Baberton Mains can this change?

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1sttimemummyedinburgh Wed 08-Jul-15 10:31:25


We are looking to purchase a house in the Currie, Juniper Green area of town for catchment into Juniper Green or Currie primary and Currie high school. However, we have recently been looking at Baberton Mains as this area falls into Juniper green and Currie but as it borders the Catchment for Wester Hailes High it fills me with some anxiety.

Can the council change the catchment area from a good performing school to the worst performing school in the event that currie high starts to get over subscribed? There are alot of new developments happening in the area right now and it worries me that the boundaries could change and wipe �150K off the value of my home and in turn make it financially impossible to sell and move to a catchment area with a good school.

I am thinking to much into this or should I be worried about living so close to the boundary?


Sametime Wed 08-Jul-15 16:21:06

There seems to be a possibility of boundary change in Edinburgh as there were noises of a change in west Edinburgh last year due to new housing. I haven't heard anymore about it though.

I think catchment changes are a risk almost anywhere. I have seen catchment review proposals for West Edinburgh but they were further north around Forrester/Gyle/Maybury/Craigmount rather than Baberton/Juniper Green.

I don't think Baberton would be likely to change primary catchment, it's too close to Juniper Green. They could in theory realign Juniper Green to WHEC but it would be an odd choice and not one which is being discussed as far as I can tell. If they needed to change it they could chop the Juniper Green catchment which has a big bulge to the east encompassing Spylaw and move it elsewhere.

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