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NoBrainLeft82 Sat 04-Jul-15 21:37:52

I have just discovered that my child has specific learning needs and I wondered if anyone has advice regarding whether they found their child had more support in an independent school than a state school? Was it worth paying the money? Did their child get more learning support in an independent school than in a state school? If so which independent schools?
Many thanks.

Datec Sat 04-Jul-15 23:23:33

I think it depends on your child's needs, I know some schools ( watsons ESP) have additional support but it is mostly for dyslexia but generally best support is through state school or a specialist school. I know friends with kids with additional needs who enquired at INdependant schools and were told the support was not there and they would need to pay for it. I know people who have some children at I dependant schools and siiblings with additional needs at state schools..

Datec Sat 04-Jul-15 23:39:43

sorry had toddler distracting me during last post.. Depending on the severity of your child's needs might be better at a specialist unit. What age are they? I think you might get more support if you went through the state system. Friends who have autustic children have found much more support that way. private schools are fantastic and I know they have additional support for those who need it but you might find more help if the need is more severe in the state sector. I know someone who has 3 children in private Ed and another state as it is better for them

writer58 Sun 05-Jul-15 15:03:10

I agree - I think there is better provision through the state system, although it can still be hard to access. It also depends on your child's needs; I have one child currently at a private school who has had fantastic informal support from a guidance teacher, but I'm not sure that the school (which is small) could offer formal additional support. I agree with Datec - most private schools that I know (a little) about do help with dyslexia but not much else.

GrooveeCar Sun 05-Jul-15 22:01:39

My nephews both have learning support needs. Their state school has been cut right back, but one is moving to Watsons where they have been in regular contact with the teachers there to help the transition and he's been assessed numerous times.

The other school which they found helpful in the assessment procedure was Stewart Melvilles. They were able to recommend a tutor to help get him to the right stage for his assessment and has been of great support to them.

NoBrainLeft82 Mon 06-Jul-15 22:22:24

Thank you for your replies. Sounds like I should start asking independent schools. I am worried that he would not get in to a private school if his learning needs are too much. I am dreading it all as my child is only primary one age but a specialist we saw is certain of at least one learning need.
Thank you again.

Eman83 Fri 10-Jul-15 07:08:56

I've Heard Watsons have a great learnt support unit and Stewart Melville. Both my girls are at gh and have been there since nursery and there are children who have been there since the beginning and they also have a very good learning support unit. My friends daughter needs extra help and they have been fantastic with her and she is p3

Chrysanthemum5 Mon 13-Jul-15 12:38:05

My DCs are at Watsons, and it does have a good learning support unit. Bear in mind that you may have to pay extra if your child needs particular support. My understanding is that state schools have to provide support once a need is identified, but getting the identification can be hard.

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