Driving instructor Edinburgh - Looking for recommendations!

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cocorita Wed 01-Jul-15 20:24:07

Hi all! I'm looking for a REALLY good driving instructor to switch from the guy i'm learning now.

It happens that this guy is a very reactive person (shouting and all that stuff), over-use the controls (for example, if he thinks I have to go faster, he just accelerate himself...) and is constantly touching the wheel. EVEN in roundabouts! That's crazy and dangerous!
I'm an expat trying to get the UK driver's license, so I know how to drive. I just need to get rid of the typical silly things that experienced drivers do and might be a problem during the test (coasting, for example). Most of the people I know had between 3 and 5 classes before passing the test, but i'm on the 3rd class and no signs of getting ready at all. I think he's trying to rip me off to be sincere...

sadly i've already paid for 10 lessons so i'm gonna ask him to just practice roundabouts and a couple of maneuvers in the following lessons and that's all. I'll switch to another instructor.

I would be very grateful if you could tell me about someone patient and responsible, please.. Thanks in advance!

GrooveeCar Sat 04-Jul-15 10:56:31

A number of friends have used

jennymac377 Tue 14-Jul-15 08:59:19

I'm learning with the AA at the moment and it's good. My instructor would NEVER shout sad . Think you need a refund!

IkitClause Tue 14-Jul-15 23:59:56

I would absolutely recommend www.wowwomenonwheels.co.uk/

Cara is absolutely amazing. Really nice person and brilliant teacher!

I also had a shouty instructor who had me in tears a few times. After being with women on wheels I got my confidence up on the road and passed first time smile

You can pay for individual lessons with them too instead of bulk ones if you think you only need a few.

Good luck!

EdSheeransGString Wed 15-Jul-15 00:17:41

Where in Edinburgh are you?

I can 100% recommend heather peden at learn 2 pass, she covers Midlothian but does Edinburgh too.


bloodystarving Fri 17-Jul-15 11:16:06

I can thoroughly recommend Gary Porteous - he was my fifth (fifth!) driving instructor, and really excellent - calm, but firm and friendly. The car was alas really nice, an audi!

Contact Gary Porteous
Call 0131 3395079

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