Bonaly Primary School

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Biombg Wed 24-Jun-15 10:57:31

Hello anyone got any thoughts on Bonaly Primary school Edinburgh. I know the new head has been in 6 months but wondered if it is a good school?
Thank you.

3nationedinburgh Wed 24-Jun-15 16:38:31

It is in a lovely new building and has a largely middle class catchment with highly engaged and active parent body. In P6 and P7 it loses a fair number of kids ( about 1/3) to private schools but the majority still go to Firhill for secondary. There had been some weakness under the previous head but I am not sufficiently up to date with how the new management is changing things to comment on the current performance.

GrooveeCar Thu 25-Jun-15 07:16:39

My nephews go here. Their mum was very worried about the new head because of some rumours round the grapevine. But she knew the teachers were on their knees with the pressures. She says Peter Gorrie has really changed things for the better and has really impressed her.

There is a lot of movement to private school but many keep in touch with each other too.

MsTimTam Sun 28-Jun-15 20:28:39

My dd's have both been to the nursery, and will go into P4 and P1 in August. We've been happy with the nursery and school so far, lovely building, good school community and great teachers (so far). Good range of school clubs and an on-site before and after school club which I believe is quite hard to get a place at.

The class sizes do tend to get smaller as people leave for private schools. I'm withholding judgment about the new head at the moment as I've heard mixed things also, but overall we're very happy with the school.

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