Unsuccessful School Appeal

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Macca1504 Sat 13-Jun-15 22:39:12

Anyone successfully won out of catchment school request by taking case to Sheriff Court? We recently lost our appeal and weighing up whether to appeal against the decision?

Datec Sun 14-Jun-15 10:54:20

I remember hearing a few years ago that people who were acquaintances of aquaintences used the 1980 act to go to court, I can't remember if they were successful but I know they went through it with some costs. In the nicest possible way I would ask is it worth it? I do t know your circumstances but it seems like a lot of stress to take on over a school place. Moving house might end up cheaper and easier?
I have heard they are close to the option of out of catchment being taken away any way due to the pressures on numbers and staff and space. I hope you find the resolution you are looking for.

TravellingHopefully12 Tue 16-Jun-15 10:42:58

I knew someone who got it sorted through their MP, but I think they had a very good reason for it. Worth hitting him/her up though

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