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spiderbabymum Fri 19-Dec-14 20:19:37

Heading to Edinburgh fir the weekend
Two kids and the wrong side of 40
I desperately need a wardrobe upgrade
What I m after is reccomendations for a boutique ...... Somewhere where I can try on selected clothes , modern looking , kind of like all Scandinavia brands eg sandwich .

Usually shop in tk maxx and in sales

I just have a real hankering for the kind of shops you find kn every Irish market town where u can find lovely stuff without the horrors of the high street ...... Also because of work I just don't have the time anymore for shopping

I have looked at the Boden sale but bleuhh dont like it
I'm not a high street shape either !!!!
Any suggestions fir shops in Edinburgh
Will be staying at the airport

MorningsideWifi Fri 19-Dec-14 21:03:57

You could take a walk along George Street – Hobbs, Jigsaw, French Connection, Laura Ashley, Whistles, Phase 8….? There’s White Stuff too, a bit mumsy but worth a visit for the amazing changing rooms. You could carry on east across St Andrews Square and drop in on Harvey Nicks, go along Multrees Walk and end up in the St James Centre John Lewis but it’s the weekend before Christmas and the department stores will be heaving. Princes Street has a fine view of the Castle and gardens but will be incredibly busy and runs more to Zara, Gap, Primark, Monsoon, Next, H&M, M&S etc.

spiderbabymum Fri 19-Dec-14 21:09:39

Thanks morningside

George street sounds good !! And somehow I've managed to miss I on PREV trips .

We actually live in Glasgow .
Are you based in morning side , Morningside ?
Anywhere boutique like out near u ....where the yummy mummies shop ??

MorningsideWifi Fri 19-Dec-14 21:22:56

Yep, I'm in Morningside. Not really boutiques but there are two or three nice little shops selling European clothes along Bruntsfield Place, maybe a bit more special-occasion-ish, of course I mostly can't remember what they're called smile but one of them is C'est Si Bon and there's another a couple of doors along. Bruntsfield Place and Morningside Road are good for Xmas presents too.

Lones80 Fri 19-Dec-14 21:41:08

if you've got a bit of cash to spend, Jane Davidson on Thistle is lovely. The clothes are expensive but amazing, and the staff will help you choose something that suits your figure.

Ive only been once, but Arkangel & Felon on William Street might also be worth a try. it's a good mix of established and new designers.

3nationedinburgh Mon 22-Dec-14 16:06:39

The area around Williams street in the west end is good for independent boutiques- have a look at Sam Brown- for high street I love Mint Velvet at the moment they have a good shop on George street for the 35+ age group but still stylish.

edinburghrookie Tue 23-Dec-14 22:52:03

Yes I'd say Sam Brown too or I know many scoff at it but John Lewis has a lot of good brands and is definitely worth a sales visit.

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