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traveller875 Tue 04-Nov-14 12:33:41

hi Mumsnet

I was wondering if you could help smile We are planning to move back to Edinburgh in the next year and have a house in the catchment area of Liberton Primary School. Our thoughts are to go back there, stay for a few years and put our children into Liberton Primary school for a few years before we move to another area that has a better senior school (one is nearly 6 in Feb, next one is 3 years and another one due in Jan). Just wondering on your views on the school and whether this is a good idea to put them into this school as I haven't seen much comment on this school except from July 2013 and also the school inspection report being last year also.

Also is their nursery recommended?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts smile

Thanks in advance smile

amelanchier Mon 24-Nov-14 20:50:06

Hi there,

I have a DS in P2 at Liberton and we are very pleased with the school, the breakfast club and the after school club. I went to a much much smaller school and I have been amazed at how quickly so many children know DS. The kids are generally very friendly and polite, it has a really good ethos of looking out for each other e.g. P7 buddies for P1s. The pastoral care has been excellent - we had a couple of rough play incidents when DS was in P1 and I was concerned I might be over-reacting but mentioned them to the staff anyway. The school were really responsive, took my concerns seriously and addressed the (minor) issue.

I am friends with a couple of head teachers in Edinburgh, and separately they have commented on Liberton Primary's excellent reputation, and the reputation of the headmaster. They have limited space for indoor PE (small single hall) but they make really good use of the lovely green space and Inch Park. The PTA is pretty active and there are plenty of well-supported events (ceilidh, fairs, the usual).

DS seems to be learning well (as far as a non-teacher can tell!) too. We have a DD (3) and I have no qualms about her going there too. We didn't use the nursery class but friends have and I believe it to be fine.

By the way, we have friends who have a DD in S2 at Liberton High and they have been really impressed with it. We are considering private options for secondary but keeping an open mind. We wouldn't rule out the High school without doing a fair bit more research.

Hope that helps!

Jp115 Fri 09-Jan-15 23:03:48

Hi there does anyone know a childminder in the Liberton area that does pick up drop off at Liberton primary ?

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