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LilyDa Thu 25-Sep-14 00:13:29

My DH has just been offered a job in Edinburgh - waiting to hear start date but is likely to be next April at the latest. V excited but my head is spinning trying to figure out schools and housing options.
I have two DDs, age 5 (6 in Dec) and 2 and, having already moved our bigger girl around quite a lot I'm keen to minimise further disruption for her.
We had thought that we would probably want to send her privately for secondary but would like to stay in a state school for primary. However, from reading through old posts it seems that a lot of children move to private schools in P6/P7 rather than finishing primary and then moving at S1 - is that right? Because if so then maybe stumping up for the 3yrs or so in between is worth it to reduce the number of changes? She's shy and finds it hard to settle, needs a lot of support and encouragement from her teachers to mix with others in the class and has been totally overwhelmed with the move from her class of 25 last year to 30 this year, most of whom she doesn't know well.
If we were to go to private school then colleagues of my DH have suggested MESM but she would have to change campus a year after she starts? Alternatives would be GW (but huge?) or GH (is central location tricky for drop offs/pick ups by car) or St George's (wary of fully single sex school). I know I probably need to visit them all to get a feel but would be very grateful for any thoughts on those options.
And then if we did go down the state school route, where?! Our old stomping ground was Bruntsfield pre kids, I know schools in the area are thought to be good but over subscribed, and house prices high - for work south/west would be best, and I loved having such a thriving area on our doorstep. Are there any good but smaller schools in a similarish area - shops, cafes etc? By good I am not so focussed on results, just on her being happy, making friends and just setting down roots.
Sorry, this is a bit of a ramble and the questions have been asked before but my head fuzz is not clearing!
thanks smile

LilyDa Thu 25-Sep-14 00:46:23

Oh and the Montessori arts school? Seemed a nice gentle option for her in terms of size. A new school relatively speaking, does anyone know much about it?

Eman83 Thu 25-Sep-14 11:51:34

Edinburgh academy and George Heriots are both fantastic choices for Edinburgh. You should attend open days and phone up for prospectuses

MorningsideWifi Thu 25-Sep-14 15:30:10

If you’re looking for a smaller state primary school have you thought of Preston Street Primary School which is also south-central but a bit further east? One of my friends’ kids went there and they were very happy. She said it was very caring and friendly and it has very nicely organised after-school activities.

Also most of the kids I know who went to GW and GH from state primary schools started in S1, only a few started in P6/P7.

LilyDa Thu 25-Sep-14 16:54:49

Thanks for the info - I have read good things about Preston St so I will investigate a bit further Morningside Wifi

Eman83 forgive my probably incorrect generalisations but I had lumped Fettes & EA into the too posh for us category! Is that an error?

Eman83 Fri 26-Sep-14 20:22:09

EA is totally misunderstood! Not too posh. Fettes I would say is probably much more posh. P

Heather800 Thu 30-Oct-14 23:22:28

Hi, I would recommend Mary Erskine.

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