Single parent needing advice on rented accommodation in Edinburgh

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PrincessGrace00 Fri 22-Aug-14 10:46:20

After a very unfortunate break-up with my partner, me and my 3 year old daughter are moving from London back to Scotland in October. I will be staying with my parents in Dundee initially but once I find a full-time job in Edinburgh I plan on moving there. I wondered how landlords in the city view single parents. I know through like minded friends of mine that generally landlords in London shut the door on single parents. They all want "professional couples only" or high income families. I work in the City for a management consultancy so will be looking for work in the financial district. Do you think landlords will treat me the same as anyone else or will I find it to be like London? I suppose I should have called around a few estate agents to find out but don't trust their advice most of the time!

whootwhoot Tue 26-Aug-14 08:22:02

I'm a landlord in Edinburgh - it would never be a factor I would even think about to be honest! As long as you are presentable and can demonstrate ability to pay rent comfortably, I would certainly rent to a single parent. Good luck with your search.

McFox Tue 26-Aug-14 23:35:03

I'm not a single parent but some of my friends are and I've never heard of them having problems. Good luck smile

It's not something I've heard of being an issue in Edinburgh

MyNightingale Wed 17-Dec-14 13:15:37

Hi, some landlords and agents are great, some not so good.

Before you view a properties of Braemore and Hadden Rankin especially, you will be asked if your salary is at a certain level (e.g £800 per/mth property you may have to earn between £23000-£32000/a). If not you will need to pay the full 6 month rent upfront.

Best wishes

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