what is wester coates area like?

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archieandmehitabel Sun 07-Jul-13 19:49:44

Hi, another Londoner looking to move up to Edinburgh here...

We've seen a couple of houses in wester coates area and wondering whether you can tell me anything about it. Have wandered about a bit and seems pretty quiet - found a few nice cafes down on Roseburn Terrace I think it is but not sure how much I woukd have to travel to find things to do with kids (dd is 3, ds 1).

Location appeals as handy for airport (dp would commute 4 days a week and stay in London) but still fairly close to town

I think local primary would be Roseburn, which sounds fine although we haven't visited yet.

Any thoughts/info you have would be gratefully received!

Partridge Sun 07-Jul-13 20:53:24

Agh... App not letting me post - have lost 2 long posts.

So in brief... Perfect location, great houses, roseburn, great primary, cycle path and best of all the outstanding nursery - look up Wester Coates Nursery School's HMIE report. One of the best in the city - nearly the top marks across the board. envy if you do go for it.

Partridge Sun 07-Jul-13 20:54:41

Ps great playgroup - messy munchkins on ormidale terrace. Murray field is great for kids.

archieandmehitabel Mon 08-Jul-13 15:50:06

Aaagh! I hate when that happens Partridge - thanks for having the patience to post again, this is really good to hear.

What is cycle path? Quick route to nearby places? I don't cycle much (yet! I am too absent-minded to tackle London streets) but like the idea of taking it up...

We were also thinking about areas in the south - Bruntsfield, Morningside, Merchiston etc. but haven't got round to visiting there yet. Any comparisons between there and WC welcome. Looked a bit around Stockbridge and Newtown too, but gardens tend to be a bit limited; nice to have the space/gardens you can find in WC.

Partridge Mon 08-Jul-13 17:54:40

The cycle path is an artery that runs through most of edinburgh - an old railway line. It is perfect for scooting/learning to ride bikes etc.

Bruntsfield and Morningside are nice but not as good for the airport (although you could take the bypass). There is a weird divide between north and south in edinburgh though - Nothing like London, but definitely a different feel to the two. Similar vibes though - middle class, delis etc. I find the streets and streets of identikit Victorian terraces a bit dull in Morningside and of course it has the blue rinse "naice" Edinburgh rep - although I think that's changing.

If you are thinking of buying in Wester Coates then I guess eventually you will be thinking about private schools eventually. North is mainly Stuart's Melville, Fettes, St George's and the Edinburgh Academy and South is Heriots and Watsons. Maybe do some research into these schools too? All different pros and cons. As far as Roseburn goes I have several friends with kids there who are all really happy with it.

I can't reiterate enough how great the nursery is though - it has set mine up with the best possible start and they are thriving and confident. They also do a Friday club in the afternoons for 4-8 year olds as edinburgh state schools have Friday afternoons off. It really feels like a family. I was emailed the houses that are for sale in Wester Coates too. envy

archieandmehitabel Tue 09-Jul-13 19:16:59

Ah thanks.

Yes started to look at secondary schools, state and private, but it's kind of boggling for me - I grew up in a small town with two state comps and you just went to the one you were closest to. Private schools is a whole new world to me, and difficult to get my head around in some ways. Had thought to visit primaries now then worry about secondaries later but should perhaps look at which ones sound most like we would like them.

Funny about the north/south thing. I've lived all over London but definitely identify as a north londoner - perhaps subconsciously why we've stuck to the north of edinburgh when visiting so far!

Yeah the houses we are looking at are certainly a bit if a step up from our current abode. In fact my main reservationabout the ones we've seen is just how freakingbig they are!

HonorOakLark Fri 28-Mar-14 20:08:54

Hi OP can you still read this post - we are following in your footsteps and facing all the same dilemmas. Looking at Roseburn - did you go for it and how have you found it? Thanks for any tips... X

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