children's pottery classes in edinburgh

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Burgburger Tue 16-Apr-13 11:59:54

(Namechanged as this will identify me in RL)

This is not an ad and I have checked with MN it's OK to post this - it's about a kids' pottery class that's (hopefully) starting tomorrow (weds 17th april) in Edinburgh, but I'm not the owner/course leader.

The class is restarting after a break and my DS wants to go back as he loved it before, but there's been very little publicity, so not enough people have signed up and it may have to be cancelled. So I'm just publicising it at somewhat short notice, in case anyone fancies it.

The class is every wednesday at 4.30-6pm at the Salisbury Centre, an arty/crafty/meditation type centre which is near the commonwealth pool. Based on our experience it has a friendly, relaxed, free and creative approach, with the teacher helping each child to do what they want, rather than structured lessons.

If anyone is keen, link:

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