Calling all buckstone mums

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Buckstonemama1 Sun 24-Feb-13 09:45:35

Thanks for your note I'm feeling really happy about the area already glad it seems like you have all settled in! I will be trying to enroll my two girls into the same! My eldest is currently in p1 so will hopefully get a place in buckstone primary for p2. Although the school has said that they are full! And I have requested enrolment for the after school club and my youngest for cranely. If it all works out it will be ideal however do you know if there are any breakfast clubs etc or good childminders able to do the drop offs? I start work at in town at 9? We went to the park behind the shops at the weekend and a walk next to the golf course it really does seem like a lovely area? Any other top tips would be greatly appreciated??

Thanks again

garnetmummy Wed 13-Feb-13 14:03:54

Hi there we have just moved to Buckstone in August last year because of the school. We are loving the area, very friendly!!! Buckstone Primary is lovely and my little boy has just started p1 and is loving it. The after school club at St Filan's church is great and the company also do holiday clubs at Pentland primary school. His sister has started Cranley nursery at the bottom of the estate and again all i can say is that its very well run and have no complaints.
I hope that your move goes well and you enjoy living in Buckstone!!!!

Buckstonemama1 Tue 05-Feb-13 23:01:16

Hey there thanks very much for your responses now feel much more positive about the move...

dizzycake Sun 03-Feb-13 21:57:24

Hi, Live nearby in Fairmilehead, great area to live. Lots of activities at Fairmilehead church like brownies, Scouts, dancing and Music. Gracemount pool nearby but we usually go to Loanhead Pool, easy if you have a car! Morningside and is an easy trip by bus for fab shops and more activities. Good park behind Buckstone shops. Good Luck with your move!

GrooveeCar Sun 03-Feb-13 19:58:38

I don't live there but there are a few activities on at the Church at the Crossroads, I think Farmilehead. The nursery is friendly and has 40 places am and pm. I've known a few people who have lived there and they've had positive stories about the area.

Buckstonemama1 Sun 03-Feb-13 12:42:24

Hi all,
I currently live in trinity and due to sign on the dotted line next week to move to buckstone!! I have to girls aged 3 and 5.

I wondered if anybody could tell me about the community in buckstone? For example, what clubs are there for children and where are they held? Where are the nearest swimming pools? What activities are there at the st fillians church? Are there any events / venues where the mums can catch up and the children can play?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!!


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