Bonnington House nursery

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Jessfield81 Fri 01-Feb-13 23:20:11

Hi there, I'm new to mumsnet so hope I'm posting this in the right place! Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experience about this nursery? Heard a few negative things recently and got LO's name down to start there in may. Thanks in advance.

eightytwenty Sat 16-Feb-13 18:05:57

Know a few friends who use it & like it. Appears admin not its strong point. Dd on waiting list to start when 3. What negatives have you heard?

tothesea Mon 18-Feb-13 23:37:15

The staff are lovely and do seem to genuinely care about the children. The management...yeeeeeh not so much. The admin is a disaster...we regularly got letters saying we hadn't paid when we had. They blamed the banks. It is very expensive and they will charge you for something at every turn around ie your own child's handprints!! However, it was the quality of care my child was receiving that mattered and i was happy with that.

Jessfield81 Tue 19-Feb-13 22:48:43

Thanks; we actually just found out dd doesn't have a space so we are going to careshare at newhaven instead. Bonnington seems like a gorgeous nursery and I was very impressed when I had a l

Jessfield81 Tue 19-Feb-13 22:51:16

Sorry, when I had a look round. The negatives I'd heard were about the admin side of things (parents being told at the last minute that their child did not in fact have a place!) and not the standard of care which I'm sure is great, and of course is the most important thing.

eightytwenty Thu 21-Feb-13 22:49:27

Also there's a new one on Bonnington road - Molly's. not been round yet but plan to.

Edinmum1000 Tue 03-Sep-13 22:30:30

Agree the staff at Bonnington house are in general amazing but recently they have lost some key people which is a big threat in the future. Not sure how well their staff are treated/valued.
Started off brilliantly but money seems to be a major driver, fees keep going up and they fundraise as well. They don't confirm places until the last minute so keep other options.

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