how easy is commuting from north berwick to edinburgh?

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MovingEast Fri 26-Oct-12 22:54:24

We are considering commuting from north berwick to edinburgh but are a little worried that the train is only once an hour. If anyone does this commute it woud be great to hear how it works out. Also how is North Berwick life for teenagers? It looks so appealing but are we being unrealistic?

NBdweller Fri 02-Nov-12 11:56:58

Trains are every half hour at commuting times ie before 9am and between 5 and 7. Also every half hour all day on Saturday. There are HUNDREDS of commuters going into Edinburgh from North Berwick by train and more driving.
What sort of life for teenagers do you mean? There is rugby, tennis sailing, golf, theSPACE (fantastic indoor skatepark, music rehearsal rooms), air cadets, guides, dry bar (youth cafe), duke of edinburgh, swimming pool, gym... Also lots of clubs at the High School assuming they're not being sent into Edinburgh for schooling. Local schools are fantastic by the way. No nightclubs or cinema obviously, but they can also use the train

MovingEast Mon 05-Nov-12 18:38:01

Oh thanks so much - I'm new to mumsnet and only just spotted that you had replied. We went to see the School on Friday and just loved it. The teenage life you describe is just the type of thing we are looking for for ours - they sail, kayak , swim etc. Your message is just the confirmation that we were looking for. Can't wait to move!!!

mumwithquestions1 Sun 07-Jun-15 21:31:46

I know this thread has not been posted on a lot, but I am wondering also about commuting from North Berwick. Is it possible to get some kind of season ticket for the train? I wonder if the person who first posted actually ended up moving to North Berwick. Hope all went well.

writer58 Tue 30-Jun-15 09:16:13

I know many people who love living out in N Berwick and whose children commute daily into Edinburgh for school. We tried it and it did not work for us; teenagers hated it, and TBH I felt cut off - we moved back into Edinburgh and we absolutely love it, even though we now have much less space and no garden.

I think it depends on what you want. N Berwick High is an excellent school, but if you are coming in from elsewhere with older children they are difficult to move. If your children are very sporty, they will have lots of local facilities, but if they are the opposite, things are more limited. Also, if you don't live near the station your children will require transport - ie you - at increasingly later hours until they learn to drive (another worry!)

For myself, I felt stuck between the huge numbers of retired (though very active) people who all knew each other, and the young families who also all knew each other. I appreciate that it's difficult moving into any area once your children are past primary age - all I can say is that Edinburgh has worked much better for me.

You can indeed get season tickets for the train (still expensive though) and you can get reduced cost ones for your children, but it is a huge performance as Scotrail will not sell them to you until after 12 noon on the day before you want the ticket to start. If this is at the end of a school holiday, you have to make a special effort to go to a manned station - NONE of the stations on the North Berwick-Edinburgh line have ticket offices apart from Edinburgh Waverley itself. One tip I can pass on is to go to Dunbar station for this - it's tiny but there's rarely a queue and the staff are lovely, whereas at Waverley you will be waiting for ages and the staff are understandably worn down and cross. Make sure you have all the necessary proofs of age for your children!

The trains are quite reliable and pleasant most of the time - I never had any worries about my children travelling on them - but it does mean a 7.30am start even if you live near the station, and your child is unlikely to get home before 5.30. I found that the main problem re transport was me - I wanted to go to things in town, but it seemed like an extra faff and expense, so I rarely did it - whereas now I can just walk to everything. The last train back to NB from town is quite early too - after that the only option is the bus or a taxi, and you can imagine how much that costs. There are sometimes later trains during the festivals.

Housing in N Berwick itself is expensive and many of the older houses in the centre are now holiday homes - I know someone who is the only owner- occupier in her street. The town has a very affluent, middle-class feel to it, which can be good or bad, depending on how you feel. It's very busy in summer and parking is very difficult - but against that you can weigh the pleasure of being able to get onto the beach in 2 minutes, from which you can walk to Yellowcraigs, Gullane, etc - very pretty. Shopping in N Berwick High Street is mainly limited to gift shops, charity shops and cafes, although there is a traditional butcher (much loved by the holiday-homers) and a small Co-Op. Tesco and the Co-Op have larger stores on the perimeter, and there's an Asda at Dunbar.

If you would like to be in the countryside, are sporty, want to get away from the less salubrious side of city life, and are sending your children to the excellent local schools, you'll probably love it. But I do know more people than just me who have ended up moving back into town - for the convenience, the buzz, the savings on fares/petrol, etc.

I hope this is of some help - I know it's a difficult one.

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