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KIKKAG Tue 11-Sep-12 12:08:54

Can anyone recommend a good class for pregnancy yoga in central Edinburgh/Stockbride/New Town?

And has anyone tried Yoga Birth (or specifically ElementalBirth Yoga classes) and, if so, would they recommend them?


Stacks Wed 12-Sep-12 17:17:43

I was looking yesterday and came across the Pregnancy and Parents Centre.

Our Yoga for Pregnancy sessions are run by experienced yoga for pregnancy facilitators/birth educators. The sessions consist of yoga which focuses on preparing for birth, easing pregnancy discomforts and relaxation. The sessions are always finished with discussion of birth issues over tea and biscuits, which is included in the timings shown, to allow you get to know others in the group.

We run a number of different groups:

Monday evening- 7.15-9.15pm
Tuesday morning - 10am-12noon
Tuesday evening- 6.30-8.30pm
Wednesday afternoon- 4.00-6.00pm
Thursday evening- 7.00-9.00pm

Our groups are extremely popular as the women value the support they get from their weekly session and many stay in the group until their baby is born. Due to this we run a waiting list system.

They seem to have a few other things on, like nearly new sales, maternity clothes and bump and baby sessions.

Kaznz03 Wed 12-Sep-12 22:51:00

If you fancy doing aquanatal yoga (Yoga in the swimming poolsmile Turtle Tums are starting classes at James Gillespies High School from September 25th. www.turtletots.com

Whyriskit Thu 13-Sep-12 16:04:54

I went to the elemental birth yoga classes with both my pregnancies and they were excellent. also used preg and parents centre for mum and baby yoga and would recommend them too.

TheSurgeonsMate Wed 19-Sep-12 21:16:00

Yoga Stable in Montgomery Street Lane (behind Valvona and Crolla.)

KIKKAG Wed 26-Sep-12 13:40:33

Thanks for all your suggestions - will look into them and hopefully get started soon!

ScottRennie Tue 02-Apr-13 20:56:46

Probably a bit late for you KIKKAG but I am starting new Yoga for Pregnancy classes in Edinburgh next week. I've been teaching prenatal yoga for over 6 years now and just moved through here from Ayrshire. You can check out my current class timetable at http://embodiedtransformation.co.uk/yogaandmeditation/class-timetable/ and if anyone has specific questions on Yoga during pregnancy then please don't hesitate to get in touch with me <3


chesh2506 Fri 19-Apr-13 11:34:48

Wow sounds fabby x

badguider Tue 07-May-13 15:38:39

Just to warn you - I've been on the waiting list for the pregnancy and parenting centre for about ten weeks now.

I go to a class at this place http://ashtangayogaedinburgh.com/ which is 10:30am on a Tuesday and is really really great - it has spaces now smile

Keenbean15 Fri 17-May-13 10:01:28

Am doing yoga for pregnancy at the pregnancy support centre and it is just brilliant!! Really informative, peaceful and lovely groups. Great resource for all areas concerning pregnancy and forthcoming parenthood!

Looks like some places might be coming up soon - a lot of the ladies are ready to have their babies. Cxx

Luckywhitehb Tue 28-May-13 14:47:14

Hi I teach Pregnancy yoga in the edinburgh yoga rooms ( Forth street just off broughton street) twice a week on a wednesday night and a sunday morning. My ladies have just had a big baby boom, which is of course exciting to meet the babies but its also finally provided much needed spaces so there are a few spaces available. smile

feel free to getin touch you can look me up on the edinburgh yoga rooms website or just message me via here smile


beverleyby Sat 25-Apr-15 16:14:56

Hello! I run friendly pregnancy yoga classes in Edinburgh on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, at KnotStressed Therapies on Blenheim Place and also the Yoga Room on Forth Street. Please see www.b-ing.co.uk for more info. smile

Sametime Sat 25-Apr-15 18:48:40

Can recommend both the parents and pregnancy centre and heather burns's classes. Heather's class are more of a pure yoga class. Pregnancy and parent centre is yoga and followed by a chat with tea and coffee.

JaneHarry Sat 05-Mar-16 16:21:13

Hi Ladies, for anyone picking up on this old thread I run a Monday evening pregnancy yoga class at Get Down Dog on Newhaven Road, great for those of you in the Trinity/Leith/Newhaven/Bonnington areas.

Please get in touch via here or email janeharringtoyoga@gmail.com for more info.

Further detail also on my FB page www.facebook.com/janeharringtonyoga

Jane x

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