Who is interested in a freebee evening of wine, giggles and Pelvic Floor FanjoFu?

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nankypeevy Sat 15-Sep-12 19:15:07

Hi guys

I've had a few notes of interest - enough to spur me into action and organise a night in a private bar.

Anyone know Silverknowes Golf Club? It's got a Naice Room which comes with a free view of the Forth, and a bar where you can get change from a tenner after paying for three drinks.

Sat 17th November - buffet, stand up comedy with a focus on fanjoes and then a cheesy 80's disco.

I'm doing it as a fundraiser for Leukaemia Research, mainly so if it goes horribly wrong at least I'll salve my wounds with the knowledge of Doing Some Good...

Wanna come?

More details to follow!

nankypeevy Sun 09-Sep-12 15:19:24

wow. Thanks for organising that, Ghastly!

More info on these links:

Gusset Grippers cheap and nasty website

@gussiegrips - twitter


Elaine Miller on facebook - gusset grippers is a "page" to like. If you like.

What I'm looking for is to trial it on a night where I don't know anyone. I've done a couple of nights where I do know the people, and the feedback has been really encouraging. But, is someone from the school gate going to be brutally honest with me? Not really, but you could, right?

So, the aim of this is to give you frank, accurate information about pelvic floors and incontinence et al. Seems that most of us got some sort of information about continence from midwives or physios at the time of ante/post natal...but there's very little available between then and when we need our prolapses fixed.

Which, is a disgrace.

1 in 3 women who have had at least one baby will experience continence problems. That's 1 in 3 women who admit to it, the reality is way higher. andecdotal evidence suggests that in the over 55's it's half of us. Which I find mindblowing - why are we putting up with this?

I'll show you the anatomy (not mine, I've got bikini line issues so have bought some sensible plastic models which the children reported as "mummy bought a new bum and we played with it") because then the exercises make perfect sense. I'll teach you the exercises that have been researched and that we KNOW work. We'll chat about the consequences of crummy pelvic floor and why you really don't want to be living with a giant prolapse dragging along the ground. I'll bring pelvic weights, EMS machines and (hopefully) a biofeedback so that you know what these gadgets do and where you can get them (I'm trying to negotiate discounted rates from a supplier)

I'll give you bladder diaries, exercise diaries and reminders and show you what to do with them.

The idea is that you'd form a group that would encourage and remind each other. I'm working out twitter - every time I tweet, you twitch your twinkle.

The party will be really relaxed, it is not a clinical setting. I do a wee bit of stand up comedy, so it should be funny. However, I won't be picking on any of you, I'm very nice and not at all like Frankie Boyle - no one will be asked ANY details of their own continence experiences. You don't need to share anything at all if that is not in your comfort zone. And, it is an information only party - knickers on, ladies!

In return, I'll give you a tick box feedback form to see whether you have found it useful, what you liked, what you didn't like, what I missed, whether you'd host one yourself - and how much you think people would pay for attending a party.

Any questions, get in touch. I'm happy to host it at my permanantly messy house, though it might be good to get out of my comfort zone.

Am excited. I think mumsnet has happened upon a shocking gap in womens' health. It feels rather like a political issue - but, seeing as how I'm not altogether sure who our new Health Minister is yet, i'll leave getting on my soap box outside Holyrood for another week or so...

ThatGhastlyWoman Sun 09-Sep-12 14:15:09

Following on from this thread: www.mumsnet.com/Talk/general_health/a1546743-Who-here-actually-does-pelvic-floor-exercises

The fabulous nankypeevy has offered to do an evening advice session for those of us who are interested, in exchange for feedback. I will host it at my home (unless someone else has a larger space available they are willing to volunteer!). We are looking for (ideally) a group of 5-12 guinea pigs. There will be no need for anyone to share any personal experiences or info- this is mainly a get-together and advice session by a professional physiotherapist, with nibbles and a couple of glasses of wine.

If you're interested, please PM me.

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