comedy for mums?

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emaggied Mon 24-Oct-11 15:44:01

I do some stand up comedy about family life and need to get hold of audiences that are not made up of teenage boys who are revolted at stories of extreme breastfeeding...

I've had an idea about running a lunchtime show in a central location with buggy parking. Cheap tickets/food/coffee/bar. Would run monthly with different acts on every month. Bumps, non- walking babies and carers welcome.

It'd run along similar lines as the cinemas carer and baby showings - but I need to persuade the venue there's a market for parents wanting to do something for themselves rather than the, whaddyathink?

emaggied Mon 24-Oct-11 15:45:14

meant to add -

I'm blokie friendly and don't swear, but you'd have to take responsibility for your littlies repeating what they heard to granny....

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