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Fiolondon Tue 30-Aug-11 21:59:23

I'm considering a move back to Edinburgh after about 15 years away - gulp that went quickly! Anyway I'll be returning to the homeland with an osteopath dh. He will have to start a practice from scratch after leaving established practices. So do any of you know whether there is a market for osteopaths in Edinburgh? And/or better areas to set up?

Groovee Thu 01-Sep-11 12:35:53

I use an osteopath who works from her own practice as well as a couple of other established practices. It may be worth him seeing if any established practices have any vacancies at first to gain his clients then set up on his own.

Fiolondon Sat 10-Sep-11 13:26:06

Thanks groovee.
That might be an option, although some places have exclusion clauses so you don't start with them then set up around the corner and take their patients!

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