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helenroisin Mon 22-Aug-11 21:03:17

Had an unpleasant incident last week when I was refused entry onto 2 Lothian Buses as I had the "wrong type of pram" - a travel system with car seat on it for my newborn baby. I was told the only prams allowed were ones that folded down into one piece, even though the bus was nearly empty and there was no need to fold the pram down ! Has any one else encountered this and do you know if it's just Lothian Buses or First as well ?

PotPourri Mon 22-Aug-11 21:07:07

I have had something like that in London, but only if there is already a pram on there. I got a maclaren triumph in the end as there's nothing worse than getting left standing there.

I think you should contact the head office and confirm their policy. You can then quote that if necessary. It does sound a bit rubbish tbh

Bellebelle Mon 22-Aug-11 23:46:05


It is policy on Lothian buses that you can only travel on their buses with a foldable buggy. There has been an ongoing issue regards the buses pram policy for a few years and they recently published a long article in the Evening News regards their policy, there's a link to the article on their website.

When I used to take a buggy on the bus if the driver said I didn't have a foldable buggy I would say that I would be happy to get off if a wheelchair got on further down the line, I also on occasion would dismantle my buggy if the space was already taken and both these options were okay then. It sounds however from your experience that the drivers have been told to strictly adhere to the new policy. Lothian buses have taken a lot of flack over the past few years about inconsistency in policy so I guess they've decided on a policy and told everyone to stick to it.

I am thankfully past buggy stage (just) but wouldn't have been very happy about having to buy another buggy just for the bus but I'm not a frequent bus user, it might be a worthwhile investment if you are though.

I do wonder how on earth bus drivers are meant to be able to look at a buggy and judge whether it's foldable or not though. I can get our travel system up and down in a matter of seconds so wouldn't be any more hindrance than someone with a mclaren type, it does seem unfair if the buggy user is willing to be accommodating.

mawbroon Wed 24-Aug-11 22:34:31

here you go

tothesea Fri 26-Aug-11 18:55:50

I have been told by drivers that it is at their discretion and I have not been refused for a while now.
That article by the Managing Director is a disgrace. I find the use of the word 'shrill' particulary offensive. The rule is fine for older babies and toddlers but when you have a baby under 6 months it is discriminatory. As in so many situations Mum's and children are treated like second class citizens.

theborrower Mon 29-Aug-11 20:30:50

I wouldn't go as far to say that it is discriminatory against newborn babies - our foldable buggy (folds all in one) was suitable from birth - in fact, it was the reason that we got that particular buggy! I thought ahead and knew that I would be getting the bus a lot (we don't have a car) so chose a buggy that was suitable for that. I couldn't, of course, fold it down when I was on my own with a wee newborn, so I used to buy a daysaver and get off and swap buses if a wheelchair user needed on. Ok, a bit inconvenient, but I could in theory have passed her to someone while I folded it down, I just chose not to. And now that she is at nursery and I absolutely need to get on a particular bus, we got a lightweight maclaren which I can fold down one-handed very easily.

That all said, I also had an unpleasant experience where a driver refused me on because she thought it was a pram (baby was lying flat at that point) and she said "What happens if I brake? Her head will smack against the top". She had a point (although not with my buggy, which is what made me mad!). If a driver needs to brake suddenly and the baby is not secure in her pram, she could get hurt. Just a thought.

PamSco Tue 30-Aug-11 14:01:20

It's the inconsistancy I've seen on the bus that is annoying. I saw a mum declined access because her pram - which was folded in one unit was large???

Talk about not being able to win.

I'm getting a sling for the bus (well for the baby, the bus is a bit big) not sure if my pram collapses - it's 2nd hand from a friend so fingers crossed.

MariClaire Sat 10-Sep-11 02:38:06

I've been turned away god knows how many times. Happened to me twice yesterday when I tried to get on the 24 to take DD to visit her grandad in the hospital -.- Had to end up forking out £40 for a taxi there and back! One of the drivers told me to fold down the pram and hold her myself! I was quite scared to do that since shes 10 weeks old and likes to wriggle a lot at the moment! Can't wait until DD is old enough to go in a stroller!

Iggi999 Mon 26-Sep-11 20:44:18

There was a lot of media coverage of this a year or so ago, with campaigns etc. I thought it had been resolved. I would suggest getting in touch with your local councillors (you can find them on t'net) and ask them what they are going to do about it. A number of them stood up for babies the first time round.

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