New birthing centre at Royal Infirmary

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auchinlay Mon 04-Apr-11 12:52:00

I am pregnant (due in September) and moving to Edinburgh in August. I read online [] that there is a new birthing centre due to open in the summer, which sounds great, but I see it has already been delayed. Does anyone know when it should open, and is there anyone here that wants to give birth there?

tiokiko Tue 05-Apr-11 17:42:06

Yes, I really want to (if BP OK which it wasn't in labour last time - fingers crossed). I'm due in October and MW told me at booking-in appt it's still scheduled for the summer, but nothing more specific than that.

Am really hoping it's not delayed and that I can use it if open in time, sounds great.

squidgy12 Wed 06-Apr-11 09:40:39

Message withdrawn

auchinlay Wed 06-Apr-11 09:50:32

That's good that it's still scheduled for summer opening - hopefully it'll be ready in time! It's midwife-led, so no doctors there anyway from what I understand.

skgnome Wed 06-Apr-11 15:15:36

i heard that it's on time... anyway, the staff at the royal were great when I was there (january)

mawbroon Sat 09-Apr-11 22:55:09

No idea about the new birthing centre, but I also had a good experience at the ERI when ds2 was born there last year.

ninipops Tue 26-Apr-11 16:07:29

Was thinking that I might just be able to (due on 31st July) but my MW got an emails saying that opening delayed til August. SO you September and October mums should be ok.

BeeMyBaby Sun 08-May-11 18:34:51

My mw said it would be open by the summer, I'm not due till Nov/Dec so hoping it will definitely be ready then. I am VERY excited about the centre!

PamSco Tue 10-May-11 09:10:52

I'm due Nov. Is there any info on what it will be like online or elsewhere?

BeeMyBaby Wed 11-May-11 04:10:07

auchinlay included a link which has a floor plan and more details.

PamSco Wed 11-May-11 07:39:49

Brilliant, ta, missed it when I scanned through.

CSBB Thu 12-May-11 14:37:49

my due also is Nov. It is 11st Nov, what is ur exact day? maybe we have a company on that day.

PamSco Thu 12-May-11 21:26:41

Formally I'm due the 12th but I reckon I'll be later - I'll wave from the birth pool smile

CSBB Fri 13-May-11 23:31:45

hi, PamSco, we r so close- hope we can meet on Royal Infirmarywink.

Is it birth pool better?

PamSco Wed 18-May-11 08:47:48

Hi CSBB, I've no clue about the birth pool haven't thought that far ahead yet lol. I just thought it was a funny image.

I heard of someone else due the 11th last night - well I was speaking to their OH. Looks like we maybe all battling for rooms smile

Ziggimajiggi Wed 25-May-11 13:39:16

Oooh! I'm due on Nov 12th! That new centre looks amazing. Really hope it is ready in time smile

CSBB Thu 07-Jul-11 21:47:11

Hi, PamSco, I make a mistake that my due day is 11th October, Not Nov. What a suprise! congratulations, one less competitorgrin.

BeeMyBaby Thu 21-Jul-11 14:58:15

Anyone seen more news on this, as we are now in summer...

PamSco Thu 21-Jul-11 15:58:32

I was at hypnobirthing last week and the teacher had info. She said it is due to open on the 1st September though website says "August".

She said that there are 6000 births in a year and the centre will "host" 1500 births so that means you have a 1 in 4 chance of giving birth in the centre. Apparently there is a very strict set of criteria to get in there. You need to be considered a very low risk pregnancy. I'm guessing, and it is only a guess, that I won't get in because of my higher BMI though I am going to ask next time I'm in Simpsons.

From the website.

"Around 1,500 women a year, who are assessed as being likely not to require high-tech medical interventions, will be able to have their babies in the more “homely” environment, but still have medical expertise nearby, if required."

I'm not holding my breath. It's a real shame it isn't a bigger unit. Apparently the original plans were for a 3000 birth unit.

BeeMyBaby Fri 22-Jul-11 06:22:04

Ooo September! Lets just all hope we have our babies on a 'quiet' day!

tiokiko Wed 07-Sep-11 20:07:33

Quick update - I saw MW today and she said the birthing centre is going to open on 12 September.

The date is apparently firm now so am keeping my fingers crossed I can use it next month!

BeeMyBaby Sat 17-Sep-11 06:10:53

So is it open? I googled it and I couldn't find any announcement that it was now open?

tiokiko Sat 17-Sep-11 16:22:34

Yes apparently - I couldn't see anything online either but she said the 12th was definite.

CatherinaJTV Sun 18-Sep-11 20:59:34

It looked ready last week - will find out tomorrow morning (I park my bike behind the NRI sometimes) and post...

CatherinaJTV Mon 19-Sep-11 15:32:59

just passed by and the doors are closed and the reception is unmanned. Peeked through a window and could see a birthing pool smile but no traffic, so I am guessing it is not quite open yet!

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